Baking Temperatures and the variations

Ever wonder about the difference in Oven Temps while cooking. The following article/Blog talks about these very differences when baking a cake.

My favorite part is the author even includes pictures of cakes baked at the various temperatures. For all the Foodies in GRG, enjoy.

Baking is work and too much of a science. You have to be fairly precise with baking. I like throwing stuff together when I cook and creating food in a haphazard way sometimes. I leave the baking to my wife who makes dericious desserts and cookies! Thanks for the read, I’ll forward it off to her

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I can bake most stuff. Pound cakes and beer bread are probably my favorite things to bake.

I havent gotten into baking Bread, although I want to. Think the last think i actually baked…was an Upside Down Pineapple Cake…with Rum&Brown Sugar drizzle.

pineapple cake is Fish’s favorite food in the whole world.

next to pineapple pizza

I’m gonna cut you for that comment.