Back4Blood Deck Builds Discussion and Mega Thread

I thought it might be nice to have a separate thread for deck builds. So they don’t get lost in the other thread. Let’s try to keep the topic to cards, card synergy, and deck builds.

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From the Turtle Rock Studios Official Discord:

Don’t forget, the Public have also clubbed together to create the B4B Compendium, A spreadsheet listing as many cards as possible. Its based on the Beta version so far so will require updating which will happen with time. You may find it very useful.
The sheet is primarily designed to be used on desktop mode where you can take advantage of the Filter Views Function. Feel free to use it as you please.
Other tabs have also been created for things such as trophies, and supply lines.
If you want to contribute any changes, feel free to leave a comment on the master page with as much information as possible. Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

B4B Card Compendium - Google Drive

From the Turtle Rock Studios Official Discord:

A quick run-down on cards:

Player Cards are unlocked through progression in the game. They come from Supply Lines and are unlocked with “Supply Points”, which you can earn from playing any mode. They are separated into four categories: Discipline (red target), Fortune (yellow dice), Brawn (green dumbbell), Reflex (blue wing). The cards in each categories are geared towards specific playstyles or stat types and sometimes have downsides. You can mix and match them as much as you’d like.
Decks will hold up to 15 cards. You will draw up to 5 cards from your chosen deck at the start of a level and can choose one from that hand. You can create custom decks within Fort Hope.
Corruption Cards are played by the game’s director every level. These change depending on a few variables, including how well a team of Cleaners is doing. All cards in the game are automatically unlocked and available for all players in Swarm.

For further explanation on the Card System, refer to this video: Back 4 Blood - Tutorial: The Card System - YouTube

Speed Deck

A shotgun deck

B4B community site with a deck builder to play with to share decks with others.

Fort Hope Deck Builder Site :arrow_right:

B4Bdb Deck Builder Site :arrow_right:

This is not a full deck. These are groups of cards that have a certain synergy to them. If you are interested in adding one of the cards listed in your deck then you might want to consider adding it’s partner card(s). I got all of these card synergy combos from the “Back 4 Blood Cards You Need In Your Build” video published on YouTube by FireSpark81 that I shared in this post

Keep an eye on this post to see it fleshed out.

  1. Glass Cannon (Reflex) and Experienced EMT (Discipline)
    Glass Cannon gives you +25% Damage but -30% Health. Ouch! Pair that with an Experienced EMT to get back 20% Maximum Health for the level after you apply a Medical Accessory to yourself. So when you are just about to leave the Safe House at the start of a level, open the door, exit the safe house, have a ridden or a teammate do some damage to you, go back inside and buy a bandage or a bottle of pills and apply it to yourself. You get some of your lost health back for the remainder of the level. You get 25% more damage done, and you can heal your teammates giving them a 20% Maximum Health boost as well.

  2. Silver Bullets (Discipline) and Bounty Hunter (Fortune)
    Silver Bullets reads “+10% Bullet Damage, +150% Bullet Penetration, When you kill a Mutation You Lose 5 Copper.” That could get spendy quick on a Ferocious mutation Corruption Card. Pair that with Bounty Hunter to gain 10 Copper when you kill a Mutation for up to 300 Copper per level. That will give you a net benefit of up to 150 copper by killing 30 Mutations in that level. Keep in mind that if you kill more than 30 Mutations, you will start losing 5 copper per each mutation killed after 30 for that level.

  3. Adrenaline Fueled (Reflex) and Natural Sprinter (Discipline)

  4. Numb (Brawn) and Face Your Fears (Brawn)

  5. Combat Knife (Discipline) and Battle Lust (Brawn)

  6. Rousing Speech (Reflex) and Medical Professional (Discipline)

  7. Two Is One And One Is None (Brawn) and Admin Reload (Fortune)

Doc build from redditor u/TheLil250RThatCould
I have done some light editing to fix misspelled words, grammatical errors, and for better readability. I also added the card types for each card to better find them in the stack.

  1. Support Scavenger (Discipline)
    Increases spawn of support items nuff said

  2. Shoulder Bag (Fortune)
    +2 Support items
    -10% dmg
    So you may read this and discard it but don’t. Doc should only really use SMG and let the heavy hitters use the AR/shotgun/sniper ammo. Remember ammo is a commodity in upper difficulties. We aren’t here to do damage we’re here to make sure our teammates can stay up and do REAL damage. I’m talking to you Jim and Walker.

  3. Charitable Soul (Discipline)
    Heal yourself 50% of whatever you heal your mate with
    This card may seem selfish but if it saves you from going down, then that is worth it to the team cause a downed doc is a useless doc.

  4. Field Surgeon (Discipline)
    +60% efficiency
    -50% use speed
    This is worth the tradeoff because all bandages essentially become med-kits if I do it.

  5. Rousing Speech (Reflex)
    This shit is fucking nuts man. You lose your grenade but your revive speed is 225% increased it’s legit like a second and a half. I consider this essential

  6. Medical Professional (Discipline)
    You may be wondering why it’s not higher in my deck! This is because you really don’t need it if you’re starting from a save point. No one has trauma so maybe wait till the second mission to add the card so you are utilizing every card as early as possible

  7. Combat Medic (Reflex)
    +50% Use Speed
    Heals teammates for an additional 10 Health when you revive them.

  8. Group Therapy (Discipline)
    EVERYONE heals 5+ your efficiency whenever you use ANY healing accessory on anyone. Think about that for a second.

  9. Experienced EMT (Discipline)
    This one is fucking nuts too. Once you use a medical accessory on someone it increases their maximum health by 20% yes % not points. I’ve gotten a walker and evangelo up to 200 hp if their cards are health-based. Even if they aren’t 20% is a minimum of 20 points if they are at base 100.

  10. Fanny Pack (Fortune)
    +1 support
    This can go way earlier if you want it but usually I’m fine for the earlier missions with 3-4 supports slots. It can go up to 4-5 debating on if you get store support inventory upgrades.

  11. Medical Expert (Reflex)
    +15% efficiency which is nice
    but its saving grace is that when you heal someone your move speed gets upped by 15% for 15 seconds, I be feeling like a quick Spiderman after I heal you in front of 6 tallboys, a fat boy, and a stinger.

Depending on what mission you’re doing the order may change to ensure you are activating the cards when you need to.

Some suggestions for other cards to use:

  • Cross Trainers (Reflex)
    +20% Stamina
    +20% Stamina Regen
    +3% Move Speed
    +5 Health

  • Smelling Salts (Reflex)
    +100% Revive Speed

  • Pep Talk (Reflex)
    +150% Revive Speed
    -5% Damage Resistance

  • Run Like Hell (Reflex)
    +15% Move Speed
    When you take damage, your Accuracy is reduced by 20% for 3 seconds.

  • Superior Cardio (Reflex)
    +20% Stamina
    +20% Sprint Efficiency
    +5 Health

  • Speed Demon (Reflex)
    +6% Move Speed while using an SMG.
    +35% Reload Speed while using an SMG.

  • Miraculous Recovery (Reflex)
    When you use a Medical Accessory, it has a 25% chance to have 100% increased effect.

  • Screwdriver (Reflex)
    +50% Use Speed
    +10% Stamina

  • Multitool (Reflex)
    +75% Use Speed
    -5% Damage Resistance

  • Headband Magnifier (Reflex)
    +125% Use Speed
    When you take damage, you have a chance to be blinded for 1 second.

  • Utility Scavenger (Reflex)
    Pain Meds you apply also grant +10% Move Speed, +10% Reload Speed, and +10% Weapon Swap Speed for 30 seconds.

  • Mag Carrier (Reflex)
    +30 % Pistol/SMG Ammo Capacity
    +10% Damage with Pistols and SMGs

  • Antibiotic Ointment (Discipline)
    +20% Healing Efficiency

  • EMT Bag (Discipline)
    +40% Healing Efficiency
    -20% Stamina Efficiency

  • Avenge The Fallen (Discipline)
    When you or a teammate becomes incapacitated, all teammates gain 30% Damage, 20% Reload Speed, and Unlimited Ammo for 10 seconds.

  • Inspiring Sacrifice (Discipline)
    When you or a teammate becomes incapacitated, all teammates heal for 25 health over 20 seconds.

  • Down In Front (Discipline)
    While crouching you neither take nor deal Friendly Fire damage.
    +10 Health

  • Box O’ Bags (Fortune)
    -10% Health
    +1 Team Support Inventory

There are more cards but these increase your movement speed, stamina, SMG damage, use speed, and might give you a little more health when you need it.

A Doc build from the Turtle Rock Studios official Discord

My current Holly Melee deck build:

Here’s a video showing how to farm supply points in Act 2 Heralds of the Worn part 1. Understand that some of the cards listed are deep in supply lines so it is only good for farming those last few points. Act 1 4-4 The Sound of Thunder gives you 38 supply points and can be done with any deck.

I understand the desire to farm supply points so I suggest trying to get a team of 4 players wanting to farm so as not to negatively impact someone else’s game. If you join a game and the other players happen to be continuing or starting a run at the two farm points with the idea of continuing the game and you farm the points and drop, they are probably going to be stuck with a bot for the remainder of their run.

Ammo Stash Unlimited Ammo for the Tec-9 build.

The people who build these unlimited ammo decks sensationalize them claiming they break the game. I don’t think they do as they all hinge on the Ammo Stash card that gives your secondary weapon unlimited ammo. They are still fun builds without the sensationalism.