Atlas & GRG - PVP or PVE - Server Info & more.


Yea that is map PC gamer UK had in their article. It was confirmed by the author but the article was written months ago and she said the map may have changed.


The map was an accurate representation at the time the article was written at the end of November. I put the map in my pdf software and when zoomed you can see island shapes repeated.


I have added the private server info to the OP. If the game comes out before lunch it will be in a default/open state until I get home around 1:30 or 2:00. I have no idea what kind of settings I will have access to. I will be on the Official PVP server unless they are struggling then I will use the private server.


Streams of the game look pretty cool. I am tempted.


It is very much Ark but looks like a blast to play.


Updated OP with current server IP. The IP could change again depending on if the admin (Krakos) has to make changes to the server due to updates. I will try to keep it updated.