Atlas & GRG - PVP or PVE - Server Info & more.


If Atlas doesn’t get delayed again we will be playing next week. Let’s get an idea of what everyone wants to do so we aren’t trying to figure it out on day one.

There will be 2 servers in the NA region. PVP and PVE. Which do you want to start on?

I could vote either way. I love the excitement of PVP. I am also ok with PVE. Exploring,building, etc is relaxing fun. Playing together will be the most fun so lets try to make sure we are doing that.




Server Info:



I tend to be a wimp and prefer PVE.


I prefer pvp but dont have a problem doin pve to learn… just the thing about this type of game having one server for each, dont want to miss out on a awesome base location… if it takes alot from ark. I plan on putting in alot of hours…


I’ll play either, although it would be nice to start with PVE to learn the mechanics, if there are major differences from Ark.


Going to be a long day. I am going to jump into PVP first and should be on as soon as the servers are active unless the download takes forever.

I also have a 25 man server rented in case there are server issues or they get sold out and Farmer or Krakos don’t get theirs. G-Portal won’t even let me activate it until tomorrow. That time could be a place holder.


No hum.
Delayed at the last…
Get those hopes up again for later today.


Nope tomorrow.

Best was their site had a countdown clock with a set sail button, it his zero and then 10 minutes later the delayed news came out.


So anyone wanna take bets on release tomorrow?

If they delay again it’s nail in the coffin…

HAHAHA I can’t even type that without laughing. I think the majority of people will still get it. The game itself has too much potential. Regardless of how the dev teams handles PR it’s worth wasting $25 on.


I’m leaning towards pve to learn but it there is a group that starts pvp im up to try and see how it goes. With multiple freeports to start, to newbie grieving should be minimal. you really wont have much to steal when starting to sail out of the safe zones.
Did anyone see the steam stats that show the number of poeple waiting to play Atlas. Not sure where it came from but showed Atlas at the top of a concurrent player list with 750K waiting to play.


The game was number one on twitch yesterday with over 200K viewers and it was even out yet.

I am not really worried about griefing and I welcome PVP. The map takes 30 hours to travel, they have systems in place to discourage griefing outside safe zones and it will take groups time before they can really grief anything. I figured most of my hours are going to be PVE being the official PVE server or private so I am going PVP to start. When it becomes a job or no longer fun then I will switch to PVE.


yea. im also very curious on gathering rates on official and what it takes to build a ship. UTC’s ship video, which he based most of the info on that pc gamer uk article, said it would take a long time and a lot of resources to get to build a large ship.


Yea I have read anything from 3 days to 3 months. None of it said game time or real time. It also didn’t mention if it included harvesting mats. They also said 1 person will not be able to repair big ships.

I have a feeling this is going to require us to spec our characters out so that we can help each other as I don’t think we will be able to craft everything, I guess once we know how that works we can discuss who wants to do what.



UTC is putting together his video. He has comfirned or theorized close to 50 creatures. That thing looks like a rock drake and a therozino had a baby


Glad he is finally getting some real views. His ARK building videos are great but his Atlas videos have blown up.


He is really one of the view really diving into Atlas. He said himself on one of his last videos that he knows some of the big guys like Slipg8r and others havent started in on their Atlas content yet and that he appreciated his views since he has been on it early. Said he hopes some will stick around when the others start. Just kinda cant help but like the guy. He’s pretty personable with his community too. I messed around some of his building servers and did 1 build competition on his server. Super nice guy.


Nice I didn’t know you did that. Yea he is very easy to watch and enjoy. The exploration series of Ragnarok was fantastic. Something I wish we all could do but time zones suck.


The exploration was pretty cool. Makes me wonder if you will have to keep you hands on the keyboard while sailing in Atlas. If it takes more than 5 minutes of just sailing on the water it may suck to keep your hands on a key for longer journeys.
I did his flying raft competition. Tried to duplicate the Firefly ship “Serenity”. Wasn’t easy with the build limit. After the video of the competition I saw that none were big firefly fans so no extra points gained.


No they have said you will have things to do on the boat while traveling. You can even set the AI to captain the boat.


Here is a link to a PC Gamer article on the map. Includes an HD somewhat zoomable image they are saying is the Atlas map.