Atari Comeback?

I thought I saw this somewhere on GRG but couldn’t find it in search. Looks like Atari is coming back with the Ataribox which will be based off of PC technology. Been a long time since Atari and their consoles died out.

A new Atari video game console is on the way, according to the company’s CEO Fred Chesnais.

Atari has released a mysterious video teasing a brand new piece of hardware called the Ataribox. Though the video doesn’t reveal much, it does suggest the console will sport some sort of wood-grain design.

In an interview with GamesBeat, Chesnais addressed the speculation and rumors, confirming Atari is indeed “back in the hardware business.”

While Chesnais did not provide further details about the hardware, he did confirm the Ataribox will be based on PC technology. Chesnais also said the system’s design is still not finalized and that more information about the console will be shared at a later date.

Atari’s last home console was the Atari Jaguar, which released in North America in 1993. While you wait for more information about the Ataribox, check out IGN’s extensive feature on the history Atari, as well as the new Atari Flashback 8 Gold that’s launching this September.

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I wonder if this will last. I mean, it honestly can’t compete with the top three brands currently flourishing. Other than the initial nostalgic purchases I see it dying out


Yep, it would draw so much nostalgia purchase power mostly. I’ll admit I’d get one.

Yeah but I don’t know besides the brand if they are going for nostalgia.

Steambox 2.0?

They’d be stupid not to, to some degree anyway. They’d have our demographic by the balls if they did something cool that way.

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They said it was based off of PC technology, so I wonder if they may be going for more than a retro console ala the NES Classic. When you go to the website for the Ataribox, it has a link for Devs, which composes an email with the subject “I’m a developer and want to know more about your platform”. That makes me wonder if they’re looking to put newer games on as well…

Everything I have read is that they are looking at a newer console not a retro console. They already had the Atari system for sale a few years ago with the old games.

My point is, they will absolutely leverage some retro titles. If not their entire team should be set on fire.

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They will definitely hit some retro titles, but I wouldn’t be surprised if those are remasters/re-imaginings of old Atari classics.

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Totally. I’m interested here for sure.

See you I believe…you don’t have a lies thread.

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Thanks buddy, although I reserve the right to add it to a shopping cart just to make sure they have them.


Known as a pioneer in the formation of the video arcade and modern video game industries, Atari is stepping back into the hardware business with a new game console — its first in more than 20 years.

The New York company, swimming with the tide on the popularity and nostalgia of retro games, recently began teasing the Ataribox with an advertisement showing a “brand new Atari product years in the making.”

Atari also is piggybacking off the success of video game companies rebooting their old models. Nintendo’s NES Classic Edition, according to VentureBeat, turned out to be surprisingly popular for providing a method to easily play old games like “Super Mario Bros.” and “The Legend of Zelda” on TVs that didn’t exist when the video games were first released.

“We’re back in the hardware business,” Atari CEO Fred Chesnais said in an interview with GamesBeat. He said it is based on PC technology, and Atari is currently working on the design to be revealed at a later date.

Atari filed for bankruptcy in 2013, but Chesnais bought the company, which is now profitable and making mobile games. It also is licensing its brands in more extensive fashions — including to the upcoming “Blade Runner” sequel to be released in movie theaters this October.

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Atari has released pictures of their new console.

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The latest on Ataribox: release late spring 2018, costs 250-300.

Not much else, according to Engadget.

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A little more info from Venturebeat

Runs on Linux with an AMD processor with Radeon graphics. They say it can run mid range PC games, but can’t handle high end AAA titles. It will be interesting to see how this lines up in performance with the Switch, because delivering less capability for that price will be a failure.

I saw an email today saying they’re going to have an indiegogo soon.

Atari has a new console…did anyone know about this happening?