Atari bringing 100 classics to Steam later this year

Atari Classics is coming to Steam later this year. 100 Atari classics will be coming to steam in this bundle, scheduled for later in 2016. No price has been set yet, but they plan to show the bundle at PAX South next week. They promise a new user interface along with the 100 titles.

At the right price, may be a neat nostalgia trip.

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I have found with nostalgia stuff unless you have an arcade cabinet, they are cool to check out for 5 minutes and then I am done.


If the lineup is good, that’s probably what I’ll shoot for - adding this to my cabinet. I want to get Pac Man DX CE added to my cab eventually.

I’m hoping for the best…but in the past the emulation has been spotty at best.

I’ve gotten better results running roms in Stella…(of legally owned titles, of course).

Without the controller wouldn’t be the same.

I normally use the “Retro Link Atari to PC USB Cable”, which works great for atari and C-64 emu. Picked it up at Amazon for like 17 bucks.

Hopefully it’ll work with Steam.

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