Astro A50 worth it?

Price is a bit steep and I’d wanna get the MOD kit for it as well. I’ve read a lot of reviews and am a little wary. The 2019 edition looks mint though.

I’ve owned a set for about 4 years now. I intended to get the mod kit for it yet still haven’t ordered it. I have a large head. 25 3/4 inch which is an 8 1/4 hat size. Those “One Size Fits Most” hats don’t fit me. The ASTRO A50s fit and are comfortable. I use them to watch movies, play videos, gaming, music, everything. I wear them everyday. They have an 8 to 10 hour battery life and if you have a long enough USB cable you can wear them while charging them by plugging them into the base unit.
They have some quirks. Sometimes the sound drops out for a few seconds. I have tried all the various fixes online and check firmware updates every few months or so but the sound still drops occasionally maybe once a week. No big deal.
Sometimes Xbox doesn’t recognize them, easy fix. Unplug the USB from the back of the base unit or Xbox and plug it back in. If you are wearing the headset you will hear a snap and Xbox will recognize the headset. That is apparently an Xbox USB port issue that might never be fixed in this generation.
Maybe 3 or 4 times the headset and base unit have needed to be reinitialized. There are institutions in the manual and online on how to do that, has worked for me the few times I have needed to do it.
Make sure that when you dock them you see them start charging, I have found I need to wiggle the tips of the ear cuffs to make sure the contacts are seated properly. I need to have the headset almost fully extended so it changes slightly the angle of the ear cuffs. No big deal.
For a few bucks you can download the Dolby Atmos app on Xbox LIVE or PC and probably on PS4, I don’t own one so I am not sure, and get Atmos surround sound just remember to turn off Dolby Digital surround sound with the button on the right ear muff.
I love them. If or when they die or break I will buy another set. I plug the base unit into my Xbox for most things I do. Fridays I plug them into my laptop for D&D sessions. I can flip the mic up to mute it and grab a drink or hit the bathroom and still be able to hear the sit reps or banter in the games I am playing. They are the most comfortable headset I have ever owned. They sound great. You can program different equalizer settings and hot swap between three of them with a switch on the headset. They feel strong. If I take them off and set them down to grab a drink or hit the bathroom they shut off automatically to save battery and when I pick them up they turn back on before I actually get them on my head. I use an optical cable to the Xbox for audio and the USB cable for power and voice. For the laptop I just use the USB for audio, power, and voice and have had no complaints either way.


i have a40’s and A50s …the the a50’s cuz i like mic monitoring… or my wife does cuz she says i yell less, I also like the ability to not be tethered to the controller and easy mute when i want…the a40s has some frustration on those 2 fronts

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Astros are nice but you can do just as well with other options. I had the A50s forever ago but gave them to my son as I was having connection issues (was an XBox hardware issue and have since got an X). He still uses them (for his PC). Sound wise they are solid so you’ll enjoy that. Wireless headsets are a bit heavier. While the mic works, it’s not the clearest. You can always tell who has Astros.

Are you dead set on wireless?

Is tethering the headset to the controller that big of a deal? It’s a 3’ cord that is plugged into the controller which you have your hands on. I mean if it’s an issue to take of the headset while you have to get up to take a leak or something then well, I dunno what to say.

It is/can be an issue @Bigfish with games like forza and using a wheel. Most wheels these days don’t have a headset port to plug into and also love not having any wires in my lap while I play.

Who plays that crap anyway…

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For someone that needs new headphones and turns on the sexbox every 3rd Thursday, what’s a good pair to get? I don’t mind the wire.

Arctic steel series? 6 now I believe.

I have the Artics steel series 3 and they are really comfy and under $50. I also got a pair of hyperX cloud stinger and I like them as well. The thing I like about the hyper X is that you can rotate the mic boom up to mute. Also under $50

A lot of people really like the Arctis 3. One of the main reasons is the ski strap headband is really comfortable. My kid has these and really likes them. I think the earcups are a bit small but I may not just be used to them.

HyperX are also a good option. They sound fantastic. I have a pair for backup. They felt a bit tight on my big noggan. I know @koldfront_kraig has these and bent the metal out a bit to fit head. I also think @beers_and_leafs has this as well.

I’m currently rocking Sennheissers but the model I have is discontinued.

I’m debating on getting the new Audio Technica’s. They look interesting and it’s been awhile since I got a new headset.

I have these ones. And, they sound great. Compared to the Turtle Beach ones I replaced, these are a step up.