Assignments and progression?

So I found the assignments feature - picked up the “basic training” for assault. Three options, complete two - yet nothing seems to be completing. There’s certainly no progression to be seen, but one of these is to get 200 pts of damage with the starter gun - I’ve done that and plenty more, yet it still shows incomplete?

What’s the deal with these assignments to get them to register? Thanks!


I’ve done a few of the assignments and never had any issues with completing the ones I pick. I’ve done the basic training ones. Maybe a glitch? Have you tried restarting the game?

That said I only pick up ones that I know I can complete through basic gameplay. I’m not going to switch up how I play just to finish them.

Fired the game back up, seeing progresssion now. Weird bug I guess, no surprise.

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Some assignments it lists if you are required to be axis or allies for progression to be made as well

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I also found one of my first ones requires an item I haven’t unlocked yet, so that one will sit there for a while.

I’m pretty sure these only unlock credits for cosmetic purchases though, just so y’all know.

Except the one you are talking about that gives 15k XP. The Shovel right lol

Shovel, plus the handgun I don’t have and some other guns too…

Guess they wanted to give people something to aim for since shovel is level 13

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