ARMA Night

Ok I know a few people got ARMA recently. Any interest in playing tonight or this weekend. We can do regular ARMA missions or download some mods and do those.

Let me know if your interested. I know @EnyoBellona is down.

@anon3687162 @anon42851937 @CaptainPeeJ @mac79pr @anon36214017

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Sounds good.

Not 100% about tonight but am up for it this weekend.

I haven’t played in awhile. If it has ingame controller support I can probably get setup relatively quickly to play tonight. If not I will probably focus on PUBG.

LOL yeah i am down…gonna take the family out to dinner. Prob will be on around 8 est.

Looks like I may be around tonight later. Did we discuss any mods that we should download?

I’m down for Arma tonight or tomorrow night.
I have never played it so it’s full on learning for me.

Bump lets try to do this tonight.

yeah…i will be around all day…so I will prob just in a mess around with it at some point during the day as well

Last night ended up being a better option for me so not sure about tonight.

Damn you jammer. Well atleast tonight we can figure out what we are going to do and go from there.

Awesome night. Myself, @GrumpyInUt, @D1G1TALC1PHERS, and Red Ryderr met up and played 2 different servers. Lots of action and lots of laughs. Definitely a game that we can get more players in and run teams. The controls are just alittle more intricate then PUBG, but after the inital few minutes things flowed smoothly.


Both modes are fun as hell. Hing of the Hill is something we should switch to when we have to many trying to get into PUBG.

Altis life is a whole other level. I hope @GrumpyInUt can get his issues cleared up. We may have to try a smaller server. I read that the game is really only optimized for about 40 people. I don’t know what kind of issues you were having but it may just be the mass amount of shit going on.

Yeah the last one we were on had 127 people on it. I think that server cap was 150.

Wasteland…one of the Arma gamemodes…you can construct your forts!

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Altis life moments…

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I’m dying. They setup Deshuffler. That was great.

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