ARK: Survival Evolved Mega Thread

Here is the thread for any Ark updates, cool videos, FAQ’s, and any help or advice you want. We have a lot of threads for Ark but I wanted to have one place to look for upcoming updates, links for videos, screenshots, general questions about anything, and a safe place to talk about your addiction to throwing poo. This thread will have both xbox and pc content, I wanted a single thread for our Ark adventures

If you are playing Ark, please join the Ark players group.

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The Ark Community Forums here will have patch notes and updates from Wildcard. Lots of info to find.

Wildcard put out this today with a response to the scorched earth internet heat.


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I wish I could say this was not typical shenanigans for us, but I hate to start this thread off with a lie. :wink:

For anyone looking for tips or just some fun Ark videos, here are some of my favorite youtubers playing Ark:



GG Fizz



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Xbox Update today covers:

Current Version: 739.4

Fixed clobbering of local/playerdedi save data.
Fixed issue where players could only transfer cross-ARK characters/items/dinos at Obelisks. Is now also from any supply crate.
Fixed issue where unofficial transfer ARK Tribute system not working on Items.
Fixed issue where players could get incorrect insulation values relative to nearby structures, and die very quickly.

On D1GS SE server on Xbox

Anyone had any luck taming a mantis over level 40? I’ve been trying the last couple of evenings, and trying multiple ways to do so. Not sure if it’s the settings which somehow interfere with the passive tame on this, or just the pasive tame being glitchy. I tamed a 25 and would have had a 32 if it wasn’t for a meddling wolf. But anything 40 and over won’t eat after the second feeding and eventually dies. I’ve tried a 40, 60, 80, 112 and a 116 all with the same results. I thought maybe it was because I was aggregating them while kiting to my passive taming pen. Still getting the same results while sneaking up to them in the desert.

Just curious if anyone has had any luck, or has a suggestion.

This discusses how the “cross server gateway” works from Scorched Earth to the Island map. It’s not actually cross server. It has to be on the same Xbox, which defeats the entire purpose.

The link is worth the read. there’s some good info.

I’m in the middle of a move and couch surfing and won’t have the internet for quite some time. Managed to get the 8GB update yesterday. I’ve been playing SP P+ on the Centre and looking for cave drops and artifacts. Is there something in the settings that would prevent artifacts and drops from showing up? Or is this a P+ issue?

I also came across this. Updated with the Redwood Biome

When you say artifacts, what do you mean. Artifacts are found only in the caves.

That’s what I mean. I have been exploring caves, and doing so quite thoroughly. The most I’ve come across is a yellow drop. The caves have been mostly empty.

Each cave has only 1 artifact and they are unique to that cave. They are typically towards the back of the cave, not always though. The best thing would be to youtube the caves on the center because I know nothing about them. I’ve been in some of the island caves.
Its possible he hasn’t finished everything in the caves.

Question and answer session from the devs and a new dossier.

Halloween Events are coming up! Gear up for the DODOWYVERN!!!