ARK - GRG Tribe Etiquette

We are starting to get a lot of new players and I feel like this needs to be posted. It is not a bitch sessions. I hope these guidelines will help new players understand some things before they come in game and become part of the tribe.

  1. Respect everyone’s time and property. Some of us have a load of time into this game. If you come in and take a dino and it gets killed you just wasted 2+ hours of someone’s time.

  2. Nothing in ARK is cheap. If someone made you something be thankful and do not put it to waste. Everything requires MATS. Some one took the time to gather those MATS so just keep that in mind. In general you shouldn’t be running around wasting projectile ammo for no reason. Remember this is a survival game. It took us a long time to get where we are. We are giving you guys gear that took us days of leveling and spending our engram points. You get the pleasure of not having to use spears that break every other use. We are not your personal crafters.

  3. While all Dinos belong to the clan there are some that are well loved, and have a ton of time put into them. Birds, Frogs, Wolves, Raptors are very squishy and you can get the killed easily. Please ask before taking a Dino if you didn’t tame it. This goes for boats as well. You are responsible for taking someone’s boat. If you die you are responsible for getting the boat back to base.

  4. Fur armor is expensive. We spend a lot of time gathering MATS to make it. We like to have enough on hand to make it for new people without having to go harvest MATS. This does not mean we have extra to make you new armor every time you die. You are responsible for your armor and fixing it(which anyone can do in the smithy). If you decide to go off exploring with you fur armor, get killed , and loose it you then you are responsible for collecting the mats to remake you armor. Have someone make you a set of hide armor if you haven’t unlocked it yet.

  5. Party Etiquette - Please do not invite non GRG members to the party as well as people playing on other servers, or not in the game at all. Comms staying clear is important. When you bring a group in that isn’t even playing with us and they are talking about other things it is a distraction and extremely annoying.

  6. We really try to work as a team. If we are building as a team please do not ask someone to go do something else. If you want to do something other than help the team that is ok, but don’t try to force someone to go do what you want. Most of us have a idea what we are gonna do before we log on so keep that in mind before “demanding” people help you.

  7. Aggression gets you killed. Just because there is a Dino in front of you it doesn’t mean you have to kill it. Especially near our bases. If you attack a dino then run into the base they are gonna attack and damage our base, try to kill our dinos etc.

  8. I can’t point this out enough… This is a hostile world. Other people are 85% hostile, other tribe’s bases are normally protected by defense systems. Keep your distance!!! Going close to other’s bases whether in a boat, on foot, or on a dino can and will get you killed.

  9. Everything is the tribes in general. We work as a group to complete our goals, but that doesn’t mean you can just start taking everything you see. Just because we have 400 narcotics saved up it doesn’t mean they are free for you to just take and use. It could already be planned to use. Be vocal ask questions if you want to use something but aren’t sure.

  10. If you are on by yourself you are 100% responsible for what happens. Whether leaving a door open or killing a dino don’t come to the admins if someone gets butt hurt and bitches you out. It is bound to happen with the amount of time people are putting into this game.

  11. CLOSE THE DOOR!!! We can not say this enough. Even if someone is coming out behind you make it a habit to close the door behind you. 1 open door could loose everything we work hard for.

  12. From this point on no one that isn’t GRG will be allowed into the Tribe.

  13. If you don’t like the way the tribe is ran and would like to do your own thing it is ok. We will not attack you and may help you if we have time. If you do decide to do your own thing please do not beg for our help.

  14. Do not tame everything under the sun. We only have so much room.

  15. If you tame a meat eater you are responsible for helping keep meat in the trough as well as on your animal. If you come on and your dino is dead due to you not feeding him that is on you. You can’t expect people to check your animal when they log in. (Note* Most of us always check the animals anyway)

Hopefully these guidelines will help new members feel more comfortable about the way we run and what they can use when they first get with the tribe. Right now we don’t lock anything down and I don’t want to have to do that. Respect goes a long way, as do helping the tribe as a whole complete it’s goals.


Very well said, and good on you for putting this together. Although I don’t play the game, at least not often, I fully understand how much work has gone into this.

People really do need to respect what others have done and accomplished in any game, but especially this one of particular. If you really need something that someone else has crafted, tamed, etc I highly doubt anyone will tell you no, UNLESS YOU ABUSE THE PRIVILEGE. Do your part to help expand the GRG base.

As always, you can PM me, or any of the admins if there is an issue with this, or any other GRG related problem.

My advice would be to be patient (especially logging in), and be aware of what’s going on around you. There are a few assholes that can wander over to you at the beach base and ruin your day when you are not looking.

If you are at the beach base, fairly low level and new to the game, make sure your dino is set to neutral, if one of these scum suckers starts it with you, the dino will finish it, and you will get to keep your gear.

Flying dinos with people on them is a sign of danger, especially if they are flying over your base. They can easily grab you, and drop you to your death in the middle of the ocean (lost gear). Tell Cheddar or someone else this is happening and we can prevent an unfortunate incident from happening.

Get a spy glass. I can make them easily, and just let me know if you need one. You can zoom in and see a person’s lvl and tribe, as well as the wild dinos.

Lastly, RUN if you see an enormous dino with an orange cloud over it’s head. If you know you are a goner at the beach, run into the base/boat, drop your gear in a locker, and just die. If you have a tamed dino, try to out run it, or avoid it if you can. Please don’t train a nearby base (most likely allies or people who havn’t screwed with us), but you could possibly get away by training him on other wild dinos.

I’m trying to work towards mats to put a mini-gun at the beach base sometime in the next few days. Once the outer fence is locked down, and we get a 4x8 up in stone.

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Can a flier pull you off a dino?

What if you get attacked on the ground while you’re on a dino? Can they shoot you with a tranquilizer and knock you off?

If you aren’t over encumbered they can. They can shoot you on it also.

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I have probably left someone out but I wanted to make sure everyone had a chance to read the OP. With the start of the new base all MATS are precious right now. I am gonna start calling people out if they are straying from our guidelines. It is really important to remember to respect everyone’s gaming time and not take advantage of what they can do for you right now. We need to get this base up and defended ASAP.

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@anon42851937 @Lala_Calamari @CaptainPeeJ ^^^

I had a really good time last night. Thanks for the laughs.


T Rex +1

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WTF. Why does a Alpha Rex always spawn near the base? Poor Purp Turt.

Edited to add: Flew down to the lower base this morning 1 Trex at snow side gate, 3 Trex at beach gate, and 3 Trex at the cliff walls. It was pretty cool too see that many from the air. Not cool that they were so close to our walls.

I will be on tonight gathering materials.

Just tell me what you need and I’ll get busy.

I’m enjoying the hell out of this game.

It’s too bad the screenshots don’t work. It would be nice to show everyone what we are doing.

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I may try and hop on tonight. I will try and abide by all the rules if I do hop on. Let me know what to do.

So, I dealt with a number 13 today. I know this is a game, and people have the right to play how they want. But if you don’t want to listen to the tribe, maybe you should do your own thing. Maybe the pain meds are making me extra grumpy but I’ve put too much work into the tribe for people to just go against what the tribe says. I have a feeling someone is going to be pissed at me tomorrow, but if that’s what it takes, I’ll be a bad guy. I think the meds are bringing out SGT Chedder, so apologies in advance to everyone.

PM me or Digital about issues please.

Also, unless what happened hurt the tribe or removed mats, then please don’t get upset if people don’t want to play your way. Just keep that in mind.

No it’s not a GRG issue. It’s a tribe etiquette issue. Not something that requires a GRG administration to get involved.

Just people not listening to what the “elders” ask them not to do. It will be fixed this afternoon I am sure without much involvement from anyone.

Patience is a virtue.

Okay so I just saw this as of right now. I will be making sure to do my best to follow etiquette

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I was told today that this post may prevent people from playing due to not wanting to mess up. That is not the point of this.

Shit happens. The most advanced player can still get a dino killed or forget to close a door.

This is more so that you have a idea of what is going on when you come in. That way you don’t have every other person repeating what is above. Trust me I hear don’t forget to close the door multiple times a night.

Look at them as guidelines and not rules. Overall we are very helpful and like to get new people geared up.

The main thing is ask questions. If you ask to use something and it gets messed up then no worries. If you just take something and it gets messed up that is a different issue.

Ok I got it I’m a total noob at this game and will do my best not to screw stuff up. I know you guys have a lot of time in this game.

Oh and thanks @D1G1TALC1PHERS for the pick up the other day!

okay so i got on this morning and the front gates to beach gate were open and some of the dinos were outside. From what i can tell they are all right but it was a scare. I had to get a bunch of dinos to follow me back inside but veerything is okay now though.

Thank you! Some times the server restarts and rolls back. It is possible it rolled back to a time that they were outside. The new update cannot come fast enough.

I completely agree. We need this update as soon as possible. Also on another note. I think we should look into doing a large gathering expedition. Grab a mammoth the trex the trike and maybe an extra attack creature and go resource hunting as a group. Maybe do our best to level that forest near our base. (do note that the forest will regrow)

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