Apex Trios on Tuesdays



It’s not quite  Blackout, but it beats playing Fortnite, so let’s group up in 3’s on Tuesdays and  see what shit we can get into.

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Let’s get some Apex squads formed up.

Who can keep up with me! I need a fast moving, aggressive squad.

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I’m always up for Apex!


I’ve got three wins soooooo that’s my application for the squad lol

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Well that didn’t work out too well. We got stomped all night long. I’d say GG to @beers_and_leafs and @SoulessGrimm but we couldn’t get shit going.

Even when Beers and I switched over to Blackout. I just did not have any luck in any game.

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No wins, but some more #2s for @CaptainPeeJ and @forgiv


Ya not a good night for sure, took to long a break playing anthem I guess


At kleast we got a couple 3rds and a couple top 10’s.


Looking for some PS4 players tomorrow.
@rabb, @TwistedGunsmith, @REBOOT_EXE, @Meep, @PS4Players

Anyone up for it?


Been awhile since i played apex im game what time you thunking ?

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I’d be down, will look for ya

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I’m usually around from about 7 Eastern onwards.