Apex Legends - Thurs 28 Feb - PS4


Apex Legends!

After the accidental success that was last night, all thanks go to Meep for the two victories, I am keen to get back into this game and try to improve (a lot).
If anyone wants to help carry, or just laugh from the safety of several yards - I recommend playing tonight!
I did stream to Twitch last night, though I need to check if it automatically saves my recordings or not.

Planning to start around 7PM Eastern tonight (Thurs 28 Feb) and play for a few hours.
Will stream to Twitch again, I don’t pass through audio so don’t worry about that.
On that note, if you don’t have a mic / prefer not to talk - this game has a"ping" system that is very intuitive and quite useful.

Let me know below if you intend to be there, I’ll have a PSN party running too.

Edit: @Lala_Calamari has offered to run an Xbox party tonight if there is interest. Let us know in the thread if you’re keen!

I’m sure he will add details regarding expected start-time, just like I’m sure someone will ask which timezone (it’s always Eastern) and inevitably someone will miss the whole event thinking it was a different time/day/month/lunar cycle.

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I’d be up for a XBox room if I can get some team mates.


Ill be there tonight ans might do a stream as well been awhile since my last stream


Bump to note this is now potentially a joint PS4 / Xbox night - let us know which you intend to play on!


I should be on, PS4


Had to log off and get some sleep.

Played for about 2 hours and managed 2/3 victories along with some early showers.


Shit night, more like Mule Legends. Amirite @Grex and @DARKAGES71? Switched over to a few games of Blackout (with @shortbus @Johneffinggalt and @beers_and_leafs) and didn’t fair much better.

I’m blaming it on the Division 2 (retail game) downloading in the background.


Well, me @beers_and_leafs and @shortbus were doing ok until you came along…


Yeah pretty rough. I cant figure it out but i have a hard time with the mechanics in that game that and my aim really sucks and it shows horribly in that game.


I must have just missed you guys :frowning:


I think I saw @Meep, @forch124 and maybe one or two others online a little while after I left.
I’d probably have more luck linking up with you guys over a weekend…