Apex Legends players on PS4?

Just wondering how many Apex Legends players we have on Ps4 and if there is any interest in me setting up a game night?

I know the only game-mode is limited to teams of 3, but I’m sure we can cope with that.
Also, I’ve only heard praise about the ‘ping’ system which can be used to accompany / in lieu of voice comms.

I was thinking either tonight (bit late notice I know) or this Thursday.
Either way I will probably play a little tonight to try and familiarise myself with the gameplay.

Let me know @PS4Players!

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I’m down

Also there’s a free PS Plus pack with some skins. Free game. Free content. Okie dokie.

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Sounds good to me. I can help out organizing if you need the help

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What time we doin this little shin-dig of a hootnanny

In down as well! Juat let me know qhen you guys decide on a time

Im online now playin some anthem if you hop on ill swap over

Sorry, ended up falling asleep last night.
Also had to drive my girlfriend to the hospital for a blood test at like 7am.

Will post in the community thread once it appears and invite all those who showed interest.

We can do an event on Thursday too if there’s a few around.

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I’ve been playing it a bunch too

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