Apex Legends gets new Season 8 details & gameplay trailer showing obliterated Kings Canyon

A new gameplay trailer and dev blog details the type of mayhem we can expect when Season 8 of Apex Legends arrives next week on February 2nd.

Season 8 of Apex Legends brings a decimated Kings Canyon. We saw how this obliteration coincided with the arrival of new Legend, Fuse, in the Season 8 trailer, but this is the first time we’ve had a proper look at the new Kings Canyon. When Fuse arrived to the Apex Games, his old friend-turned-enemy Maggie — who was also responsible for Fuse losing an arm — showed up in a gunship and attempted to wipe out everything in the area. When the ship came down, it took the mountainside with it, and opened up a large new area of the map. Respawn says all the smoke and fuel leakage created a lot of contamination, causing ECHO to move in.

These ECHO camps seem pretty useful. The ship is meant to be a “King of the Hill power position,” but it’s bordered by ECHO stations which give attacking teams space to plan their approach. Some ECHO camps are scattered down the river, providing bridges, and you can also raise an observation tower in ECHO camps — this earns you a better view of the area, but it also gives away your position. Meanwhile, the ship’s crash site also changed up a few areas: Artillery has a back door entrance while the tunnel that went to Containment “now allows for a rotation from the North as well,” and instead of Slum Lakes, we now have Spotted Lakes with more ECHO camps, Leviathan bones, and a Filtration Dam. The ship’s crash also scattered armouries across the map, and you can blow these Explosive Holds open for more weapons, ammo, and attachments.

Along with the new Legend Fuse, Season 8 also brings the 30-30 Repeater rifle as “Salvo’s most popular weapon,” a new Mayhem Battle Pass, and Gold Magazines, which automatically reload holstered weapons. Season 8 arrives on February 2nd.