Anyone want a Halo warm up tonight?

Halo 5 out tomorrow, does anyone want to try to get some halo games in tonight? Probably gonna be on around 7 central, and I’m gonna try to get into the Halo mode.

I’ve thought about it, but I’ve got too much stuff t bang out tonight, potentially. I do plan on banging out moar Haloz overall after release, though.

I bet Bungie is going to tell us when Trials is coming out too. Can’t think they’ll release it this weekend, unless they want to go up in direct competition with H5.

It probably depends on who has the most say in it - Bungie or Activision. I can’t see Bungie wanting to go head to head, but I could see Activision trying to soften interest in Halo before BO3 drops next week. However, they should have announced it before now if that was the case to get the buzz out.

Just remembered that they have a calendar on Trials is dropping in this weekend.

Also, its Activision. I think Bungie has the keys taken away from them now in a lot of respects.