Anyone use Prepaid Cell Phone plans?

Currently I have my parents on my cell plan and am looking to move them off. We’re changing things up and adding in their lines is a bit much. My dad showed me a flyer he got for Consumer Cellular, it’s an MVNO ( Mobile virtual network operator, run off AT&T’s network). There is a 3 GB plan for $22.50 plus tax per phone. They barely use data, very rarely. Mom might hit a GB a month, Dad is way under that.

Everything I look at seems like this would be a solid deal for them. Anyone go this route? Also, since they have old Verizon phones they would need to buy new phones. I’m looking at having them buy the new iPhone SE. For $400 it seems like an amazing deal especially since it’s pretty solid stat wise.

I used to use the pre-paid t-mobile cards. If you can still get them they are sold at bestbuy. Used it for the cell serivce on the alarm system. Just had to remeber to drop 5 bucks on it a month to keep it active. Worked fine for what it was used for.

Prepaid is okay but it can be inconvenient. Almost 100% of cell phone companies do not do contracts anymore so basically it is prepaid, you can cancel anytime. Only problem with the 2nd tier companies like you mentioned is the cell service, you have to know their coverage areas.

This is off AT&T’s towers, so it’ll be fine. My parents barely use mobile data, they are far from power users. So 40-50 bucks per month is a good price for what they really need.