Anyone playing Splitgate on Xbox?

Hey… I joined here a long time ago but just couldn’t get into COD and Destiny. I’ve been sticking around thinking more of you would switch to Halo Infinite… eventually LMAO. I’m an old 2old2playHalo guy.

Anyone playing Splitgate? I am not good (ranked Gold) but like ranked, social, and rumble. I’m fairly serious about at least trying to win but likely to teabag teammates as the night wears on. I’d be happy to play with complete noobs and show what little I know.

One problem is that mics don’t work for crossplay. We could use a discord chat channel. I don’t know much about that part but imagine it could be figured out.

I play sporadically during the week, late nights (after 9pm eastern). Reply here if you send an invite so I know you’re not trying to lure me to your onlyfans, or at least you want to game first.

xbox tag is Hubristics.

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I’ve played some but wouldn’t mind joining up and killing the masses. It’s pretty fun although I don’t think I’ve played quite enough to be ranked

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I’ve played a bit as well. CoD MP is AIDs right now. I’d be up for a GRG squad.

And I can not wait for Halo Infinite. December can’t come soon enough.


i just started playing it the other night. really lile the feel of the game and getting used to portal jumping. i think i am decent, but still under level 10 so might change my mind as i progress. But i do love getting bonus for the teabag.


Good games with @SoulessGrimm last night. We demolished a couple teams and then the SBMM punished us. Hard. LOL. That’s just how it goes, it was a good time.

@Lala_Calamari and @Selden007 hit me up anytime. If you want to get a GRG squad together, just let me know when.

If you’re looking to level up so you can play ranked, work on the challenges for XP. Depending on the challenge, there’s some playlists that make them easy. Its good chill in casual at first anyway to start learning to portal though. It’s like building in Fortnite… you can do ok without it, but the game is better with it.

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Good Games with Souless???

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Yeah. We’ll probably play tonight too. C’mon and join in a couple hours @Lala_Calamari