Anyone in the Xbox One Preview Program?

Hey guys, I am wondering if anyone is in the Xbox One Preview Program? Would you send me an invite?

According to recent news, Xbox One has launched an Xbox 360 emulator for all Preview members. It will be fully available later this year, but gosh dammit I just can’t wait that long. I’ve been dying to replay some of my 360 classics and though their catalogue is limited at this point, they said they’ll be adding to it slowly.

Thus if anyone were to send an invite my way, that’d be awesome. And of course, I’d be happy to pay it forward and send invites to whoever else wants them.



I’ll send off an invite tonight when I’m on, unless someone in the program can send one earlier.

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I would like one as well if anyone would be so kind :pensive:

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Fuck that Hawk…you can wait like the rest of them.

I guess I can send one when I get home too.

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Well if they are being handed out, I’d like one tooooo

Just logged in to see that I got into the program recently … go figure. Once I figure out what that means (aside from the GoW beta that was included in the mails…) I’ll see if I can hook people up.

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People have supposedly sent me invites but I have yet to see anything. It’s been over a day… What the heck, MSFT!

It typically takes a few days, and I’m sure demand is higher right now with the backwards compatibility news.

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It might be. Would need to know his tag so I can send it off.

I’ll send over an invite tonight when I’m on.

Has anyone else that asked for invites received one yet for the preview program?

No you evil bastard.

I’ll resend the others as well. I sent those out almost 2 weeks ago. Wonder if some got lost in the shuffle due to demand after E3?