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Anyone?? Fallout 76


@Fallout76Players, im on today, group up on xbox.


I’m new to Xbox. Is there a GRG or Fallout group or something that makes finding each other easier? Or do we need to add people to friends list?


Best thing to do is add people to your list. The second best thing to do is tag @Fallout76Players in a post here with LFG. This will get the attention of people that are tagged to the list. If you’re not on the fallout tag, we’ll get you on so when someone else is gaming up, you’ll be notified and can choose to jump in.

I’m probably going to be on today for a little bit. Gotta do a last mow of the yard, but that’ll only take a half hour or so later in the day.


Do what Fish said.

Also, add GRG members via the Xbox Club. If you’re not already a member let us know and we’ll get you in.


I was on most of day Sat. Claimed the workshop of the mine near bottom left of map. There was giant excavator had to fire up, but afterward was getting shite ton of raw materials.


Hmmmm, I’ve been hovering around Morgantown and that area, maybe I should make my way South for some adventures.


launching @Fallout76Players for few hours tonight.


Bout to get on soon. Xbox.


Got the game. Moving files right now. 300GB worth of files. Fallout 76 had best out do Fallout 4.
@PS4Players @Fallout76Players


am on right now!! send me a invite.


Game has some issue but man what a freaking blast with a group of GRG. Tonight we had @Grex @D1G1TALC1PHERS @ExtraAmo @CaptainPeeJ @JohnnyHustler and just had a fantastic time rolling around the wasteland causing trouble and having a ton of laughs.


I really like that they allow you to join servers your friends are on even if they have a full team. We have to watch the friendly fire but I actually enjoy that. Fun times as always.


Oh please…@captainpeej showed you can smack a turret without any issues.


Sounds like you guys had a blast @JohnnyHustler


This game is great. I love the stupid shit that can happen, although I have a weird tendency to just wander off and not get a damn quest done.


Not weird when that is the majority of us when playing it.


Well that is how I started playing it. Doesn’t seem to be many people on when I jump on.


I enjoy the game although there’s hardly anyone else playing. I am entertained easily and always clip when a bomb blows up in my face which happens almost everyday.


Connect up with the xbox group tonight Soldier…


I am on mostly Monday to Thursday, 7pm ET to 12 ET between those hours.