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Anyone?? Fallout 76


Anyone planning on playing fallout 76 on Xbox one tomorrow?
If so please add me!!! ID: KeylessSpace29


I added in Fallout 76 to your title just so people know what you are asking.

And we should have a ton playing on Xbox tomorrow. I know its a hot game for this crew.


Yup! Looking forward to this game.


Thanks for the title fix!! Thanks for the info I’ll most def be playing!!


I will be playing on PSN, but GL!


Depends on how drunk I get at work tomorrow. We’re having a small party and I have to go in. If I’m on, it’ll probably be my wife, tho I set up a different GT for her.


playing on xbox sometime today. deSoldier2001


Sent you a FR on Xbox @keylessspace29. I’ll be on Fallout 76 tonight looking for fellow survivors.


Purchased on Xbox One X.


I will be on Xbox as well


Just now?
Actually purchased or in the Cart?


Installing. This is where Twitch works for me. Watched some streams and that along with friends in GRG sold it to me.


I will accept your request when I make it home! I played last night for about a hour and, I most definitely need a group… I died 10 minutes after starting it lol


Also open to playing with a group - Feel free to look me up if anyone is looking… I’ll be on sometime between 5:30 and 6:00 CST most likely on XBOX. I’ll probably return to this thread and look for some of you when I get online and send some requests.


I’ll keep any eye out for you too @OneSoupSandwich. I’m going to see if a bunch of us can get into an xbox party, then start getting groups together from there.


Sounds like a plan


This goes to all members, ADD PEOPLE TO YOUR FRIENDS LIST. Make sure to get their gamer tag, add them and when you see them online and in a party just hop right in. There’s no need to be shy and don’t worry about “barging in”. Just get in there and get some game time with each other.


I am looking for people to play with as well on xbox my gamertag is kaiju oji


I’ll add you right away


I’m Xbox as well