Anyone cooking this weekend?

I’ve only got two more weekends before the wife and i pack up and move to the new house, so trying to clean out the deep freeze with all the meat i had frozen. This last month has been fabulously popular with her.


I am packing up the house for the move and playing games. Can you send me some food?


Wife’s not feeling too hot this week so I probably won’t cook much. Maybe Sunday I’ll make something, but at this time I don’t know. Maybe some pork chops and risotto.

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So the wife told me this morning she wants crack noodles… So I guess I’m making stir fry tonight.

I do a think sliced pork loin and saute that up in a pan then take it out and add inions and peppers. Blanch some noodles in a pot, back in pan when onions and peppers soften, add garlic ginger mushrooms and sugar snap peas. Then add the noodles and pork and a slurry mix of sugar, fish sauce and oyster sauce. Let sit for a few. Add a little soy sauce, green onions and some grated Parmesan cheese. Mix up and crack noorels.

I’m sure there’s more to it, but I just make it off the top of my head and things change each time I make it.


@Bigfish That sounds delicious as hell.