Any interest in Atlas....

I thought when i used to play Ark with you guys, there was quite a few that played? I was goin to try it out on release?

Jammer, Farmer, and myself will be getting it. I imagine @JohnnyHustler will add it to his collection as well. Note sure about anyone else.

I doubt it releases on time, I doubt the servers hold up, I doubt really anything Wildcard says, but I am excited for the concept and what it will eventually be.

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Ya 40k people is insane… there barely can do 100… lol they say it can handle 50k, but are limiting it to 40k… read alot of info today… im def. Goin to pick it up…

Read today you can take governing control over a island… only allow who you want there. And tax them for resources they gather there… kinda cool… also your character ages and will eventually die… you have to have a child with another player… raise it then when its of age transfer yourself and your stats to it… lol kinda different


Woops, misunderstood this thread the first time.

I will certainly being trying it out. Pretty curious for sure. hoping it grabs me more than Sea of Thieves.

Definitely interested.


After thinking carefully over the past several days, we’ve decided to delay the ATLAS launch until December 19th to give the team more time to run through this massive game’s extensive content.

It’s a vast virtual world out there across the ATLAS, and the team’s going to use that extra time to review every portion of it thoroughly. We’re sorry about the delay, and we know how much everyone is looking forward to establishing their empires!

The team here at Grapeshot is so excited to bring this new world to life with you, and we know it’s going to be an absolute blast. So please keep your powder dry a little bit longer, and at long last next Wednesday the 19th, we’ll be joining you on the most excellent adventure of our lifetimes!

See you on the ATLAS soon Pathfinders,
Jat, Jeremy, and Jesse

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This just makes me want to go buy X4 and wait for Atlas reviews.


At least they didnt wait till release time, and say that…

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Huh, so D1G is psychic.

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Trailer did nothing for me.

I wanted SoT to be good, just kinda boring… i loved Ark. So i really hope this fills it

I would assume you guys are playing on PC?

Not out for x1 till next year sometime

Looks like it’s going to be on promotion for 24.99 when it comes out next week in early access (29.99 regular in EA). I’m likely in.