Any interest in a Battlefield 2042 Night? 1/25?

Don’t be sad, this is just how it works out sometimes

Any interest in a Battlefield 2042 night? I’m thinking of running a room Tuesday night the 25th. I have not played this game with a GRG squad yet and would like to. See if it gets better. I’ll be on with an open party. Join in if interested. I’ll be playing Conquest and as a good teammate I will play as Angel, dropping the shields, ammo packs and reviving.

Side goal for the night is to shoot down all choppers from the sky. Fuck those whores, I hate them. If they are light then we go for tanks.


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I will be on. Much better with a squad.

Yes. Let’s do it. How many GRG have it?

If I can make it I’m game

If my GPU can handle it, then I’ll be on.