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Any Auto Detailers or cleaning experts in GRG?


I need some pro-help here. I ran my 4Runner through a shitty carwash last week to wash off the road salt and I now have some kind of residue on my windows. It made driving at night almost impossible. I’m not sure what’s on it and I just hit it with invisi-glass but I’m not sure it’s fully gone. I’m thinking it’s either some shitty wax from the wash or a hard water stain (my area is notorious for hard water).

Any recommendations on how to remove it?

I’m looking at picking up this as it’s local.

If that fails I may order this or something similiar.


Not a detailer…but do you have any pics of the shittiness?


If it is just wax a degreaser will break that down. Use some microfiber towels you don’t mind throwing away. A magic eraser plus degreaser may make it even easier. If the degreaser doesn’t work it’s more than wax. You could also try claying it.


It’s not real evident dry or during the day. It was awful last night in the rain.


try that stuff…works great!


I just did the meguires stuff and I’ll see how that pans out. Not very hopeful, I’ll try that stuff next.

The haze really only shows when wet.


Douse it in kerosene and take a match to it. It’ll fix the issue


Dawn dish soap with near hot water …sounds like a grease issue for sure. That has always worked for me when I detailed at car dealerships


I used the Meguiar’s Perfect Clarity Glass Care Kit from Pep Boys and it got the stuff off. It was raining tonight and the haze is gone.


make sure youre in the vehicle when you do this


Meguiar’s is always a good brand. I use Sprayway on my truck windows when i wash. And yes Newspaper does better than Scott’s Shop towels.

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