Any and all help would be appreciated


It’s been four years since I last played a COD game and I had quite the startling experience playing Black Ops 4. Could anyone recommend a website that explains this CoD Black Ops 4 world? Any tips one could give me as well? Thank you in advance for the help!



Awesome. Figured I’d ask you pros first before I did a Google search. I have a good amount of down time at the job today so I should get a firmer grasp on the game.


I was just going to summon Beers but I see he’s already been here…


Good lad he is. Gamed with him last night and he was kind enough to help me.


Beers, what is a good specialist class to choose?


It’s Call of Duty. Point the gun, shoot the gun. It’s so easy @HAWKLANDER even figured it out.

What’s a specialist? I can’t find that under Blackout.




All I play is Blackout from Black Ops.


Have yet to play that mode but have heard great things.


Honestly, unless some jackass takes either Battery or Zero, I don’t use anyone else. However my choices in order are Battery, Zero, Crash, Recon and Seraph…the rest? No clue.


I hate you Lala.