Anthem...why the hate?


So, as the title suggests, I am curious as to what you all think. I really enjoyed the 10hr trial and am looking forward to playing more when i get home from out of state.

I was just wondering if the hate is just just because EA is involved or if there are legitimate reasons besides everyone being on a “hate train” so to speak.

Anyway, still looking forward to partying up with you all when I’m back. Take care!



I’m loving it so far. Played both weekends, and level 10 currently.



I just wasn’t that sold before the demos and they didn’t do much to change my mind.

Sure flying was cool but the gunplay/shooting wasn’t amazing (Destiny could have spoilt me here) and I wasn’t grabbed by the story either (definitely not Destiny’s fault).



I’m enjoying it.



I’m certainly enjoying it after a marathon session on Friday and then some more time today with it. I don’t think it’ll be something that consumes me for several hundred hours, but who knows. The most positive thing I’ve seen is that the developers are VERY tuned into the bugs/issues/etc. and are patching the game daily at this point - the very definition of hyper care.

As long as they stick with and build upon the road map they’ve shared it has the potential to be a lot of fun for quite some time…



No hate here. Just already have a looter/shooter in destiny and don’t need something else to grind till borderlands 3 hits.



I’m pretty sure it’s well liked here. We have a lot of people playing it and enjoying it.



This right here sums up what I’m feeling. I’m enjoying it but I don’t get to game much so I’m taking my time. If you’re playing it every day I can see how it’s very empty. They’ll need to add content rather quickly if they want to retain a huge fan base.



I plan to create point-counterpoint discussion on the crybaby salt that is out there… there are issues, but no-one NO ONE of the 20+ GRG that i have talked to and gamed with in Anthem have said anything like the ranty-whiny awful reviews out there… scores range from 6.0-7.5 and i personally think that is low… I think this game as it evolves will be a GRG community favorite

what say you @AnthemPlayers ?



I’m also enjoying it. I’m only up to the part of the story the demo was in. I’ve done a fair amount of contracts, freeplay and strongholds and been enjoying it. Obviously more content is never bad but I feel like there’s a good amount of substance. I played through the stronghold on hard and struggled, was much harder than I remembered the demo being, but it was a challenging fun. Then I did it on easy with yggbjorn and ichi, and we absolutely steam rolled it… and it was a lot of fun too. To me the gameplay is solid. I’m pretty happy with it and will be sticking around for awhile.

As far as the reviews go. Some of it I don’t think is fair, other parts are. I think the 4’s and 5’s are harsh… I get a 7. There are a lot of issues, quality of life improvements that need to be made. But everything is fixable. The core gameplay is there, that’s what matters.



Game is a solid 7 in its current state - regular crashes and launch-level content.

But, given some time to mature and for the devs (who have been incredibly on point these past three days) to work on it and it has easy potential to be a 9 without batting an eye.



I’m really enjoying it. There are bugs and issues but i don’t think I have ever played a game that comes from a company as big as bioware/EA that has listened and responded to its community and have patched things as quickly as they are currently. The also have oulined a content schedule for the next several months that looks promising.



Sorry for the late reply. I have been able to play and am loving it. Been using a colossus the most, love the way it plays. If anyone ever wants to team up, just let me know!



added you to my FL, my GT: is YggBjorn



Love my Colossus!