Anthem Upcoming Patch for March 12th - Video has more details.

#1 Video summary of the livestream with changes:


  • Next week, patch will fix many (I’m not using the word all) for PS4 users
  • Weapon damage will be fixed, MasterWork will do more damage.
  • Green and white drops will not drop in GM1 and higher difficulties.
  • GM2 and GM3 rewards will be turned up as the devs don’t think the rewards are high enough for the damage.
  • Video has more details on individual tweaks for the Javelins.


Nothing instills confidence like the word many. Most, probably, should…all in the same family.

I’ve been in IT for 20 years, I’d get my ass reamed for that. But hey, it could work!



I too work in IT, it’s why I didn’t use “all” lol

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Oh I wasn’t referring to you buddy, the devs said it!

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