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The main complaint I read is about loading time and now they say they have improved it, along with so many QoL issues that didn’t bother me too much but are tweaked or fixed in the Day One Patch. I haven’t hit the Tombs Wall yet but now it is tweaked. Colossus can revive behind their shield is great! Ultimates showing available when they aren’t is fixed. Losing settings on Xbox is fixed. Primer and Detonator icons on Interceptor are fixed. Getting stuck behind a wall from loading into the boss fight in Tyrant Mine is fixed. Gather party mechanic is more lenient. Weapons and gear now show numbers!

There are more but I better stop there or I risk making a mess in my shorts!

So many things to look forward to for launch. I am excited about weapon an gear numbers. This game needs stats to better create builds. The devs are very active in Reddit and Twitter. More importantly they are listening, not just advertising for their game. Stay tuned to this thread for more goodies!



I took off work Friday…this weekend is going to a be a blur of explosions and killing those grabbit rabbit fuckers!


Kill da gwabbits! Kill da gwabbits!


Soon I will be able to waste hours of my life in flight killing everything lol.


Same here. Had some carry over vacation to burn before end of the quarter and couldn’t think of a better reason…


For those of you interested…

Tune in to the #AnthemGame⁠ ⁠Attachment.png livestream tomorrow at 1PM PT/3PM CT to hear @BenIrvo and some special guests talk about the upcoming patch and content next month!

Watch here:



Anthem Runs at Native 4K on Xbox One X

_Anthem releases worldwide on Xbox One today. Not only have EA Access players managed to get a week of early access on the console, the game also arrives with Xbox One X enhancements, including native 4K with HDR. The game’s Head of Technology Scott Neumann explains exactly what this means:

The Anthem team has been able to leverage the power of the Xbox One X to deliver enhanced graphics to our players. The added GPU power of this console allows Anthem to render at native 4K and with HDR. To complement the increased image quality of 4K, we have also increased the resolution at which we render shadows in the game, and we have enhanced the rendering of in-game terrain. Finally, the added memory of the Xbox One X allows us to increase the number of meshes and textures we stream into the player’s view at any given moment.

If you haven’t yet had a chance to pick up the game and you’re interested in seeing how it plays, you can take a look at the video below to see some gameplay recorded as close to launch as possible. The team also talks about some of the changes that have been implemented in yesterday’s patch (full patch notes here, as well as some of the things players can expect to see in the future.

Anthem is available now.


So, I wont be on until Monday. Out of state with my wife visiting family for an unexpected trip. Looking forward to grouping up with you all. Save some enemies for me!


Hey Freelancers,

As some of you have noticed there are certain fixes that we can make without any patches (live changes), but there are others that require a client-side fix that needs to be downloaded. We have identified the following issues and are working on a client patch to resolve them:

The final boss in the Heart of Rage stronghold isn’t appearing if the group wipes before engaging

HDR is currently disabled on consoles (Xbox One and PS4)

Some players are encountering issues that are causing them to crash

While the team continues to work on the above fixes they were able to address some of the live issues that have been reported:

Coin changes for Daily/Weekly
We have fixed an issue that displayed and rewarded the incorrect amount of Coin from various activities

Stronghold Matchmaking
We have extended the timer that allows for matchmaking in a stronghold. This should allow groups to fill easier when matchmaking

Non-stop Rain
We have fixed an issue that was causing it to rain in game more than intended

Fusion Proc Bonuses on Weapons
Weapons were incorrectly applying infusion proc/bonuses from being equipped when they should only have been applying bonuses from the weapon that was in the active slot

Chests found in Missions changes
Chests found in missions now have less of a chance to drop higher tiered items

Emotes Not Properly Saving
We have fixed the issue that was causing emotes not to save properly when bound

Shield Fix
We corrected an issue that was allowing players who still have shields active to be one shot by high damaging attacks


I saved a Minor Ash Titan that is riding on the back of an Ursix for you!


Ooohhh, now that sounds exciting, lol. I appreciate it. :wink:



Anthem - How to claim Legion of Dawn armour

Claim your bonus items through the Rewards tab of the Vanity Store in-game.

Before you can claim them, you need to:

  1. Complete the tutorials.
  2. Talk to Prospero at his stall in Fort Tarsis.
  3. Complete his mission.
  4. Talk to him again.
  5. Open the Store.
  6. Claim your items in the Rewards tab.

When you’ve claimed an item, you’ll see a check mark beside it on the Rewards tab.

Once you’ve claimed them all, head to the Forge to equip them.


Hey Freelancers,

Yesterday you know that we were working on some issues and a patch is being prepared to deploy on
February 23rd around 7am CT to address them. Here is the list of fixes:

The final boss in the “Return to the Heart of Rage” stronghold and crit path mission will now properly appear if a squad of freelancers wipe before reaching it.

HDR on consoles can now be properly turned on.

Fixed a number of issues that were causing players to crash.

We are continuing to investigate additional issues that the community have been reporting and will provide more updates on when they will be fixed.


More roadmap info. Most of it locked. Guilds and a new stronghold drop in April.


Quite a lot of info here.


Got my copy yesterday.


Hell yeah how longs the download?


My order got moved up so it rolls in tomorrow (Sunday) sometime. Will be firing it up sometime in the evening.