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Good news everyone! For the release version of Anthem there is a day one patch fixing the glowing orbs from being trollable and disappearing if the holder of the orb got DC’d.


The Launch Bay social hub will have Forge access and will allow 16 players to hang out and show off their skins and paint schemes which will probably look like War Machine, Iron Man, or just be varying degrees of black and white.


Anthems Alliance system encourages you to make friends and play with people on you friends list. Anthem won’t release with a Guild system in place however it will be added later.


Anthem Xbox One S Bundle Announced

The latest Xbox One S bundle adds Anthem into the mix – specifically, the Legion of Dawn Edition. The 1TB console bundle also includes a month of EA Access, a month of Game Pass and a month of Gold.

The bundle is listed as $299 USD, available at participating retailers. If you’re interested to see what’s in the Legion of Dawn edition, you can check out the content details below. As with most official bundles these days, the game is included as a download code rather than a physical disc.

Join the founding legion of Anthem™ with a full set of customized Javelin armor packs, plus a legendary weapon from the pre-cursor faction of the Freelancers. The Legion of Dawn Edition contains:
• Legendary Legion of Dawn Armor Packs
• Legendary Weapon
• Legendary Ranger Gear Piece
• Anthem Digital Soundtrack

Anthem releases on February 22nd, 2019.



For those looking for just the right color for their javelin:

Lots of palettes here. Harry Potter houses, product logos, natural and man-made stuff:


Anthem Launch Trailer Builds Up the Hype

We might still be a couple of weeks away from the release of EA and Bioware’s upcoming Anthem, but that hasn’t stopped the launch trailer from flying in to help build up the hype.

You can check out the Anthem launch trailer, which showcases the different abilities of its four Javelins and some stunning combat footage, below:

Unleash your power as you suit up in one of four javelins and take on a world full of danger. Team up with friends to overcome the toughest challenges you can find.

Anthem is set to release on February 22nd, with post-launch support set to follow in March.



Sounds like they will be giving us some coin to start off with. Alliance system will drop more coin as well.

Check out @GambleMike’s Tweet:


Anthem Developer Live Stream later today @ 1:30 pm PT, 4:30 ET

Also have Neil Blomkamp’s Anthem short coming tomorrow @7:30 am PT.

Direct Link to video:


Added to the OP as well.

A couple of days ago a teaser revealed that director Neill Blomkamp was working on a “live-action short” for BioWare’s upcoming Anthem. That’s turned out to be a little misleading… see for yourself below.

Rather than a full short movie, this is simply a trailer for, in EA’s words, what an Anthem live action movie “could look like”. It doesn’t tell a story, but teases one for a movie that doesn’t actually exist. This has already confused Anthem and Blomkamp fans alike in the YouTube comments, with the former wondering if Conviction is a feature length movie coming soon, and the latter thinking that Anthem itself is a Blomkamp movie project.

Still, it’s an impressive piece of technical work and once again it makes us hungry for the Blomkamp Halo movie that never made it to full production.

Anthem releases on February 22nd 2019.



Anthem Already Suffering from Server Issues in EA Access

Anthem is now available for EA Access members (as well as Origin Access members on PC), but it seems that once again the game is plagued by server issues as it was during the VIP demo. EA Support have posted an update.

EA Help :heavy_check_mark: @EAHelp

Hello, Freelancers! We understand some of you are having issues connecting to #AnthemGame servers right now and we’re working to address it as fast as we can. Please hang with us and try again in a few minutes.


10:30 - 15 Feb 2019

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This follows on from an assurance from BioWare’s Chad Robertson that despite circumstantial evidence from the VIP demo launch, the company has not under-planned server capacity for the game. While the problems currently being experienced by EA Access members may not be related to server capacity, it’s certainly another unfortunate PR step on Anthem 's path to success. Let’s hope the problems pass and so that we can all see the final product for ourselves.

Anthem will release for everyone on February 22nd 2019.