Anthem Mega Thread



If you mean from one platform to another? I doubt it.


Sounds like they do plan on opening them all up on Sunday. Saw a Tweet earlier about a surprise for Sunday.


No progress carry-over.
No cross-platform play either.

Yet anyway.

This is purely a point that you can play across your consoles during the demo - which has the main purpose of being able to have 3 separate runs and so pick the other javelins at the decision point.


The “Sunday Surprise” is a loading bar that stops at 99% waits 10 seconds, then erases everything on your storage media that isn’t EA licensed.


YOU FIENDS! How could YOU! They are so cute and innocent!

Check out @anthemgame’s Tweet:


They are trying to nail down the bugs for the open demo. They are confident about their release version. There will be a social hub: “The Launch Bay”.

We’re doing more scale testing this week, particularly to be ready for the opening rush of players on Friday, and to verify we’ve got “infinite load” problems improved, the latter of which was a primary frustration for many players.

That would be great!

See you in game! (And make sure stick around for Sunday afternoon; you’ll see a glimpse of some of the cool things we’ll be doing in the future!)

Hmm, sounds more than just unlocking the 4 javelins.


Once I realised some of the indigenous fauna weren’t aggressive, I left them alone.

Nice touch to have real wildlife in the game.



I posted an image of primers and detonators however it is already outdated. So I pulled it.



It’s EA…why would anyone be surprised the microtransactions would be there and pervasive. I’ll only hope at least they won’t force you to stare it down every time you start up the game like COD does with their stupid “news” banners which are never anything more than “Buy this shit” banners.

Ultimately it’s only cosmetic stuff for people who want to dress up their toon, so…


Also they said everything can be bought using the freely earned in-game currency.

Which is even better.

I’m fine with this model myself.



Timezone Start Time End Time
GMT / UTC Fri 17:00 Mon 02:00
Pacific Fri 09:00 Sun 18:00
US Central Fri 11:00 Sun 20:00
US Eastern Fri 12:00 Sun 21:00
AEST Sat 03:00 Mon 14:00


Working (sic) from home tomorrow, so I’ll be on in the afternoon.


That doesn’t sound like work to me…



Demo window only opens 30mins before I finish work anyway.
Might just work through lunch to finish early.

Though I’m sure we’ll all just be sat in queues waiting for server capacity anyway.