Anthem Mega Thread



I’m pretty sure that was the player not the javelin.


It’s a great loading screen simulator! The farthest I got in the game was getting in the power suit thing and then watching the loading screen. I did this multiple times on different days with no luck. I will give the open demo a run but i don’t see EA getting my money.


When you get stuck in the loading screen you can go to dashboard, quit the game, and reload. Nine times out of ten it puts you in the expedition.


Works every time for me doing this.

New complait. Fucking AFKers!!! Had to quit and rejoin just to respawn and revive my other 2 team mates before we all finally just quit due to 1 guy. Had to quit out at the boss fight on stronghold due to this last night as well.




Very useful to know.

Never understood why companies don’t make this information available, I suppose they like the idea of the userbase working it out and then sharing online - all driving buzz, blog articles and guides.



I heard about this game a week ago, I should really peruse the forums more lol


I played quite a bit today and was pleasantly surprised with the game play. Went with the Storm Javelin when I could pick my next one and had fun. Def love feeling like Iron Man flying around shooting shit. Other than tons of Blue screens and the loading screen hangs I liked it overall. I’ll likely pick this up at launch.


I played for about an hour maybe.
Enjoyed 4/5 lockups forcing me to hard restart the game.

Gameplay was smooth when I finally got into a mission and who doesn’t want to fly, iron-man style? Didn’t get enough time to judge the gunplay or fighting really, level design looked beautiful though.

I’m definitely interested but I might wait for some early bugs to be fixed before paying for this.
Should be on next weekend for the open demo though.

Pro: Flying
Con: Infinite loading screens


Played far more of the demo over the course of the weekend than I had originally intended, moreover so as it was competing directly with a double-double XP weekend in BLOPS4.

That says a lot for me. I was luke warm at best about Anthem for a few pretty significant reasons. First and foremost, it’s a combonation of EA (one of the few gaming companies I actively stay away from) and Bioware (the ‘was Day 1 purchase on anything without question’ company that went to near-EA status based on how bad they fucked up Mass Effect). The trust factor wasn’t there at all, be it that they could deliver on what they are selling, whether it’ll be marked with over-the-top microtransactions immediately, or content locked behind passes and expansions that should come to us at launch.

Then, there’s The Division 2. I had a blast with the first game and more than got my money out of it. The style, the setting, everything about it was really solid and filled a gap at that point in time for the looter/shooter that clicked for me. Where that’s coming out less than a month after Anthem, I’m in an either-or situation - I don’t need two looter/shooters as it would just mean I do both halfass justice and can’t keep up with the crowd on either. Catch is previews online from recent play tests makes it appear that while the new setting is neat, and a few new guns/skills/etc. are fun, it’s really MOTSS (more of the same shit). That’s a big turnoff for me.


Man is Anthem fun. Yes, there were some technical problems at the start, but once I got a handle on how to get beyond the infinite load and got into the game, it rocks. First and foremost, it’s gorgeous. Textures really popped and looked great on the big 4K tv. Once I got the hand of the mechanics it was tight, without a real problem or feeling that I was fighting the controls. The few missions were fun, world events had a good mix of shit to do while gathering resources, etc.

And then there is, of course, this…

Fuck. Yes. The vertical nature of the combat, especially when I unlocked the Storm and sat back as the glass cannon shelling the enemies from afar just made me happier than Gunny with a line outside the GloryHole. This was more the case after I got a handle on the combo system which really made a huge difference. I can’t imagine what it’d be like if you have a group of 4 communicating and creating chains for eachother on the bigger boss mobs.

TL:DR - surprising good. Will play the next weekend demo and then, if Division 2 lives up to the previews online (more Division 1.x than 2.0), then I can see changing my pre-order to Anthem pretty quickly.


I had great fun with the VIP Demo (beta) when it worked. Was mildly frustrated when it didn’t work. Some things to consider going into next weekends Open Demo (beta): The version we played is from a 6 week old build so hopefully they ironed out most of the problems we encountered for the launch version which has gone gold. The devs have been very communicative through social media and will hopefully have many of the issues fixed for the open demo. EA Access subscribers and Origin Access Basic subscribers will get a ten hour time limit playtime starting on February 15th. Any progress made in that ten hours will carry over into full release. Origin Access Premier subscribers will get unrestricted access to the full game on February 15th. The game releases February 22nd at midnight. I will pre-order. Probably the Legion of Dawn edition. I scheduled a week off at work the week of the 25th of February. Who else is pre-ordering?


I pre-orderd but will be on vacation when it releases. Will back to play on possibly 24th but definitely the 25th.


I don’t think HR received any request.


I preordered on PS4. I saw enough to think I’ll like it.


I usually barely touch a demo/beta of a game as they are usually so short/boring. That said I couldn’t get enough of Anthem! Even with it’s bugs.


Pre-ordered, long ago…I gonna stop doing that as it was hard to find my preorder (did it through my origin account)…but i’m sure, i messed up something making making it my fault, but it really should be more seamless…will play more next weekend


TL;DR Open demo starts and ends at same time this weekend as the VIP did last weekend. Progress you made in the VIP Demo will be waiting for you this weekend with all javelins unlocked. New players will start at level 10 with the Ranger.


Just an interesting point to note from that article / the tweet it references.
If you took part in the VIP Demo, you get to use all 4 javelins next weekend in the Open Demo.

However, anyone who is first playing in the Open, will only get 2 javelins - just like the VIP players did at the beginning.
So, perhaps on Sunday of next weekend they will make all 4 available to all players but for now it seems like you’ll be limited.

As a slight aside, though relevant, I noticed a few tweets from others who pointed out that, since your code is tied to your EA account, any linked console account can partake in the demo.
Since you can only link one of each console type, that might not seem like anything - but it does mean you can play on PC, Xbox and PlayStation with your single EA account / code.

Therefore, even if you are going into this upcoming weekend having not played yet, you could run the demo through on all 3 platforms to unlock all 4 javelins (picking a different one on each platform).


Will progress follow you on the different platforms?