Anthem Mega Thread



Left joystick click to fly, right joystick click to hover.


Thank you!


What’s funny is I had better experience playing the alpha then the demo. Also I dont see much anything diffrent here than the alpha. But then I cant seem to get through the first damn mission.


I got a code if any @PS4Players are up for a game or two


I think I’m committed to play through the story, then prolly back to d2


Send it my way… I’ll let @AsnPersuasion27 give away the one he was going to give me to someone else on the Xbox


The sites still not working for me…so I’m still trying


Let me rephrase i got a friend of mines friend code sorry if i mislead in the previous post but i may know how to grt another one ill let you know


That’s just mean Twisted, SoInZane was so excited.


Yeah I watched your clip on Twitch and heard you saying something like “Wait, didn’t I already do that?”.


I was excited too. Oh well. Lol


Whats everyone’s opinion of the game thus far? the controls seem kind of clunky to me, i’m starting to lean towards not picking it up at launch


Seems the xbox servers are getting better. Was able to complete the first expedition without any issues. Controls are good movement is a bit floaty combat is fun.

Game reminds more of warframe than Destiny with maybe a little monster hunter thrown in. I say MH due to the way missions / expeditions are set up.


I read somewhere that PC controls were supposedly already improved since the version being used for the demo.

Can’t find the source for that again though, will post here if I do.


You mean the Colossus shouldn’t feel like it’s made of paper? I think it should have a big energy shield as well. Big mass, slow recharge would work I think.

BTW The website to give out codes is working. Check this thread:




Talks about whats differ from what we are playing. So hopefully that means the colossus is actually tanky.


God I hope so. Cause it’s pretty squishy right now.


Seemed a little better with some of the add-ons

Loving the game!


Definitely need to find and use the Colossus components! Here is a good post on reddit explaining it well: