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Anthem Public Demo - January 25th


For those of you still on the fence, a free Anthem demo will go live on Friday, February 1 with the servers due to shut down on Sunday, February 3. BioWare has already confirmed that players will start the session at level 10 and you will have the opportunity to push up to level 15 before hitting the cap.

For those on the fence.



Watching some gameplay of this and it just hit me that while people think it’s a Destiny clone / killer, Anthem is really a copy of Warframe. Movement and combat reminds me of Warframe.


yeah i could see that. they say destiny cause of the three classes (heavy, med, Light). but its third person like warframe.


Also the flying reminds me of the hyper jumping in Warframe.

It probably blends in both.


I’ll struggle with 3rd person…but i will probably play the campaign and see where we are for endgame (translation go back to destiny and never play again)


ahh the true test of any game, will @valiantvictory pick it over Destiny.




Be careful, your XBox may reject other games. See it as a virus and shut down.


Definitely see heavy influence from both Destiny and Warframe here. If this game had PvP it would be a no brainer.


anyone doing the vip demo this weekend? I know a couple of us are.


Hanging on for the open one next weekend.


Preload of beta is available on all platforms.

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Was about to ask who from the @PS4Players group was looking at this. I’m tempted.


For some reason I’m suddenly far less interested.


I quit


I’ll def give the open beta a shot. I’ve been interested in this for awhile but not going to preorder just yet.