Anthem Mega Thread

Be careful, your XBox may reject other games. See it as a virus and shut down.

Definitely see heavy influence from both Destiny and Warframe here. If this game had PvP it would be a no brainer.

anyone doing the vip demo this weekend? I know a couple of us are.

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Hanging on for the open one next weekend.

Preload of beta is available on all platforms.

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For some reason I’m suddenly far less interested.


I’ll def give the open beta a shot. I’ve been interested in this for awhile but not going to preorder just yet.


I’m interested… Send me a code if ya’ll get one

Im with @SoInZane not quite sure if i want to pre order or not heard good and bad things but does look promising

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Did a $ 5.00 pre-order at Gamespot to get a code for the game , if game sucks , I will use the money for something else . Understand that the beta will be 26 G download.

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26G? I quit. I may give it a look over. I still have to get RE2 still.

26 GB is nothing in today’s world of gaming. Suck it up Nancy!

My download yesterday was around 23 GB


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According to IGN gaming news , Anthem servers are being flooded with so much traffic that they are having trouble getting the game available. They said the dev’s are adding more servers as of this message , service should be up and running to everyone soon.

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Funny if true.


That would be catastrophically hilarious! End up with two black eyes lol

It’s really not hard to do if they don’t put the right mechanisms in place such as CDN and/or grandfather caching. We have accidentally DoS’d ourselves with streaming media before we figured out what happened.

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