Anthem Friend Code Give Away Thread

Same with me says I dont have access. Although not sure why any wants to play this broke ass game.

Sorry guys, I doubt I’ll be able to get the friend codes as the site is still messed up…thanks EA. I’ll keep trying though

According to this article, friend codes aren’t platform specific.

Crucially, those invited can pick any of the three platforms to play on, regardless of what your chosen version is. Meaning PC players can invite PS4, and Xbox One, and vice versa.

I have 3 passes to give away. PM me and I will send them.


I’ve got two, maybe a third to give away. You choose the platform you will play on so they will work on Xbox, PS4, and PC. PM me.


Can I play during coming week? Or just this weekend? If I can play this week… I’ll take/ask for one?

Demos are 3 day weekend only affairs currently.


I can PM you a code, VIP demo goes till Sunday night.

I have preorder…Never got my codes…but I messed up my ea/origin account…maybe lost in junk spam files or something

Think Grex might still have a code if you have time.

No I got I I just could not find the codes to share…also

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