Anthem deletes its roadmap

Ruh-Roh George, this isn’t good.

Talk about a fucking disaster. Promise the world and deliver nothing.

Anthem has a new plan now. No more roadmap. Not really, anyway. After this past week’s update about the state of the game and the upcoming Cataclysm, they adjusted their roadmap page again, which recently read that the Cataclysm started in May, but now it seems likely it won’t arrive until July, at least, after a PTS testing period.

The page still says it’s a “roadmap,” but it is now devoid of any actual dates, or even months, and does not list any specific future content on the way, not even the Cataclysm or new loot that was discussed on stream. Instead, it just has what’s currently in the game, listing, among other things, “fixes, improvements and optimizations” as content, and then for the future we just see nebulous, locked blocks that say Act 2 and Act 3, but there are no indications of what those are and when they might arrive.

While the lack of information may be weird and off-putting, I think it’s probably for the best. We’ve gone through this cycle twice now. Anthem had an April roadmap that delivered almost none of what it was supposed to by the end of the month. Then once the roadmap was changed, we also never saw the Cataclysm or other updates that were supposed to arrive in May (the only update in all of May was a few QoL changes as a couple new legendary missions with a few days left to go). So yeah, I think that it’s clear promising dates and windows of time is not in Anthem ’s best interest.


DOA…thank you next

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