AngelOfSinX4 has rejoined GRG


Hey folks, it’s been quite a long time. I used to game with y’all until about late 2015. I had lost interest in video games and sold my Xbox. Luckily I was recently gifted an Xbox One X and have bought a few titles including CoDBO 4 and Battlefield 4 plus I subscribed to the Game Pass. Glad to be a member of GRG once again, bring forth the insults and drunkenness.


Welcome back.

In case you forgot from last night.


Welcome back.


Welcome back, you filthy animal.


Welcome back…sucker.


Welcome back!


Welcome Back


Cheers! Where’s the Guinness?
looks around the room
What the hell? No celebratory beer?


My bad. I drank it all and @Gunny only brought Coors and no one wants that.


Courtesy of GRG ImgFlp meme generator


Damn! Someone make a beer run!