AngelOfSinX4 has rejoined GRG

Hey folks, it’s been quite a long time. I used to game with y’all until about late 2015. I had lost interest in video games and sold my Xbox. Luckily I was recently gifted an Xbox One X and have bought a few titles including CoDBO 4 and Battlefield 4 plus I subscribed to the Game Pass. Glad to be a member of GRG once again, bring forth the insults and drunkenness.


Welcome back.

In case you forgot from last night.

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Welcome back.

Welcome back, you filthy animal.

Welcome back…sucker.

Welcome back!

Welcome Back

Cheers! Where’s the Guinness?
looks around the room
What the hell? No celebratory beer?

My bad. I drank it all and @Gunny only brought Coors and no one wants that.

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Courtesy of GRG ImgFlp meme generator

Damn! Someone make a beer run!