An Irish man dropping in for the craic

Hey everyone, decided after a long time out of gaming where I switched controller for dirty nappies and early morning feeds it was time to pick it up again and have some fun.

3 young daughters ai can tell you it will either drive you to drink or a quiet room for some gaming at the end of the day lol A man needs his cave and an outlet to blow off steam.

Played battlefield competitively in the early days of it and have been keeping an eye on BF6 developments so hopefully get into that come release.

More of an Xbox gamer now than a PC man, I don’t know I just like a wee beer and a controller to the upright serious stance of the PC.

Here for the laugh and bit of banter as we say😁


Welcome toe Grg its good to have ya. I along with many others are definitely waiting for battlefield 6 to drop and hope for the best. Actually reinstalled battlefield 4 a week ago and started playing it again. Just jump into anyone’s party and see what’s going on anytime we are friendly but a but insane so it’s fun. I’ll add you on xbox when I get the chance as well

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Welcome to the geriatric ward of gaming communities.

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Welcome to GRG. Here’s to hoping Dice doesn’t screw BF6 up!

Welcome to GRG.

GT is beers and leafs on the Xbox

Welcome! GT Sniper T1 on Xbox.

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone, will get you added when I’m on next.

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