An interesting article about GoT


Also fantasy shows in general as the title suggests. Thought y’all would find it a good read since there are a lot of fans of the show here, not trying to turn people off the show just something I came across.



Not often somewhere here sources an English newspaper.

I don’t disagree with the general conclusion, at least for GoT - yet strangely the broadcasted headline is inaccurate. There are black members in the cast. Which the article itself admits. So it knows it’s using a bait headline. No idea why they do that when it’s still ultimately a good point they are making.



Well, are there any Latin American people in it, American Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Muslim, French, GLBT? It is a Fantasy. A sign of the times when this topic even comes up. Not saying it shouldn’t, just saying in general minorities seem to be well represented in the media now. I am mixed race so no racial slurs at me please!