All members can now create events


All registered members can now create events in the calendar. You will notice a new button on the event calendar page.

Clicking on the “Add Event” button will bring up the entry form.

Simply fill out the form as complete as possible.

All events will be approved by staff before being published

Staff Note:

If approving a calendar event make sure to check the box “publish to discourse” on the edit event item screen. This will allow the event to post to the forums and comments to be handled there.


Get to it guys, create some events!

“Calendar” is spelled wrong in your screenshot.


Thanks. No spell check in html.

All I know is that Tremont now has “special privileges”

And Tuttle gets to clean the gimp cage.

How do we create one now?

Beers, Since we moved to a new plugin handling events I will need to re-add
this functionality. Still working on the details. For now just shoot myself
or lala a pm and we can get it created for you.

All bumping this post. I also updated the process.

We encourage all GRG members to create events. This community can be as active as its members want it to be.