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Anyone else hear about this game? It’s supposed to be a Sandbox style MMO that’s cross platform (Windows, Mac, Linux and even tablets). They’re boasting a player based economy, Player housing, Open-world PvP & Full Looting (people can steal your shit). You can also conquer territories in Guild vs Guild battles. A few people I used to run with in GW2 are looking at this game. I’ve watched some videos and it looks interesting. They are currently in their Final Beta. I think it looks interesting but you probably have to go in with a pretty hard core group.

I have no clue.

Albion Online has no relation to the Fable series - Albion is the oldest recorded name of the island of Great Britain, and as AO has a medieval old-timey England kinda vibe, we though it fit nicely :slight_smile:
The idea for a sandbox MMORPG I suppose came about from Bercilak and other higher-ups in Sandbox Interactive; it’s our first title as a new studio, essentially, so it was just there from the start!

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About the Game:
Albion Online is developed by Sandbox Interactive as a ‘Buy to Play’ medieval MMO. It features a player-driven economy, over 200 territories and countless ways to conquer the world. The sandbox allows you immense freedom in what you do.

Albion Online is a sandbox MMORPG set in an open medieval fantasy world. It has a fully player-driven economy; all equipment items are player-crafted. You can freely combine armor pieces and weapons in our unique classless system – you are what you wear. Explore the world and tackle challenging PvE content. Engage other adventurers in small- or large-scale PvP, and conquer territories. Gather. Craft. Trade. Conquer. Leave your mark in the world.

Buy Once, Play Forever:
If you purchase any of the Starter Packs, you can immediately start playing without end. No additional costs! There is an optional Premium status for your character available that can be obtained through the website and in-game.

Truly Cross-Plaform
Albion Online is the first truly cross-platform MMO experience, available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android, with all players on one master server in one massive, sprawling world. You choose how your adventure evolves; at home or on the go!

Upgrading Your Account:
You can upgrade your current Starter Pack through our shop. Grab the benefits that an upgrade will bring and enjoy additional currency or Premium time. Just head on over to our shop page and choose one of the upgrade options - you will only pay the difference in price.

When can you start playing?
There is only one more week to go before Albion Online officially releases. But when exactly can you hop on and start your adventure? This depends on the tier of your Pack.

17th July, at 13:00 UTC: Legendary Founders and Legendary Starters
18th July, at 13:00 UTC: Epic Founders and Epic Starters
19th July, at 13:00 UTC: Veteran Founders and Veteran Starters
Not sure when the server goes live for you? Here is 13:00 UTC in several time zones:

06:00 a.m. PDT (Los Angeles)
09:00 a.m. EDT (New York)
10:00 a.m. BRT (São Paulo)
03:00 p.m. CEST (Brussels, Berlin, Paris)
04:00 p.m. MSK (Moscow)
11:00 p.m. AEST (Sydney)

Starter Packs

                               **-System Requirements-**


  • Windows Vista, 7, 8 or 10
  • Intel/AMD CPU with SSE2
  • Graphics card with DirectX 10 support or better
  • 4 GB RAM or more


  • Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or higher
  • A tablet with 7"+ screen size is required. (Phones can most likely run it, but are not officially supported)
  • ARMv7 (Cortex) or Atom CPU
  • OpenGL ES 2.0 support or higher
  • 2GB RAM or more. We expect the minimum RAM requirement to increase to 3 GB in the near future as the game keeps expanding.

@PCGamers Is this on anyones radar as a purchase? Looks like requirement wise this almost would be pretty easy for anyone to get into the PC Gaming on this one.

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I was 2 seconds from getting this. They have a linux client so I could run it on my laptop. I got real excited. Then I read a little about the game. If you want to play in any capacity you will need to buy premium. I think it’s 10 bucks a month. Apparently you can buy it with in game gold but I’m sure that’s a fucking grind I’ll never commit to.

The other reason is it’s a full loot MMO and PvP all the time. The PvP doesn’t scare me but the full loot does. Chances are I’ll get some cool shit I want, get ganked and lose it all. I don’t mind PvP or dying but losing all my shit will suck because you know there will be griefers out there just killing noobs.

But it would be nice to play a MMO on my laptop…

I have looked at this but didn’t pull the trigger. @D1G1TALC1PHERS has it and I don’t think played it that much.

It’s meh. To be fair I didn’t give it much time. It has a limited top down camera angle and I just couldn’t get past that.

A friend of mine gave me a review of @Lala_Calamari’s impression.

Not completely accurate.
Premium increases the rate at which you harvest resources, which does make it a grind fest otherwise and even then after tier 3, premium is grindy. It’s not, however full loot pvp all the time. There are zones. Green is never pvp, yellow is partial pvp requiring opt in, red is full on pvp
That said, zones are tiered, so full time pvp once you need high tier gear, unless you purchase from markets.
That said, would I play again? Not unless I had a huge guild to play with, and even then I can’t rate it above any other MMO. It was fun for a week, then pissed me off. Don’t disagree with the conclusion, just the premise

If I recall from back when he played, he enjoyed the “change equipment to change abilities” mechanic.

Honestly the PvP puts me off.

That’s not what I want from an MMO - I want an engaging story and to be able to play some stuff by myself or team up for bigger activites.

I know that’s a pretty traditional model for MMO games, but it is what I enjoy.

Go play Elder Scrolls Online. It has great quests and a good main story line. It does have PvP but that’s separate.

I’m trying to run through the F2P MMO games first, to justify the cost.

I know it is low but I am trying to not buy much until I have cleared through more of my backlog.

I still made 3 purchases in the last month…

I broke down and bought this game. My thoughts where that it was something I could play while on lunch at work and on my laptop at home. I can play on the laptop, now we’ll just have to see if the game gets blocked at work’s firewall.

The game is a lot different than other MMOs that I’m used to. It goes back to the old days like Ultima Online or Runescape (neither of which I played). The graphics are low res or turned down so most PCs should be able to play. They say Tablets can play but make sure you check their site for approved devices.


Holy Fuck… This will be painful.

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I broke down and bought an Ox. You can gather so much now.

lol i have been fighting do that very thing…trying to do it the hard way i reckon.

lol Damn…after watching this i am buy my ox…BUT…i will have a farm.

Anyone in a decent guild? My biggest concern with this game is the lockdown on zones that the PVP guilds have. The zones are so small there is nowhere to hide or get away. Even worse, they camp the portals. You get nuked before even loading in.

Looks like we’ll need to be in some massive guild or alliance.

Need to look into spending some Learning Points. I haven’t spent any yet.