Albion Online - GRG Guild

GRG has been created for any interested. Follow guild news here.

Joined to be part of the almighty clan of three. lol

@Lala_Calamari I put 3 community chests in the Guild House…I am going to fill the chest with all T3 gear so we can all swap out and test gear as needed.

Once I am done. The chest will be as follows:
1 - Warrior Gear and Weapons
2 - Ranger Gear and Weapons
3 - Mage Gear and Weapons

Guild Hall upgrade to T2 is complete. Added some chests, beds, and tables.

The Gear chests are laid out on the back wall and have majority of the various items in them. I will work on finishing them out tomorrow.

Also started adding the refining stations to the guild isle. Once we get the stonemason up on the guild isle…i will remove the one from my isle. Will be placing Crafting stations on my isle since thats the route I am planning on taking.

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We need to get in an Alliance… I’m going to want to check out this shit.

lol i will check the albion recruitment forums for any alliances recruiting