AC Origins Broken Phylake Quest

In the game you have Phylake’s (bounty hunters) which show up as a red horned helmet on the map. These guys are a massive pain to kill or avoid. They have a quest to kill all 10 of these guys and rid your map of these vermin.

Most players, myself included, get 9 out of 10 murdered gloriously, only to have the final Phylake not show on the map. One way to bring them out is light a brazier beacon in a military or bandit fort. They are always curious and if nearby, Will go to investigate. Unfortunately this hasn’t been working either.

I know a couple GRG have been playing the game. Have you been able to complete this objective? I’m currently in the middle of an Ubisoft Support Ticket to figure this out. I want my Legendary gear reward dammit.

I think I only have killed one of those dudes. For the most part, I have just avoided them.

If you confirmed your kill, you’ll have access to the quest. After avoiding those bastards through most of the game, it gives me great pleasure hunting them down.

I’m in the process of hunting them down now - will let you know if I run into the bug.

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I completed this one.

What level are you? Maybe you have to be high enough of a level for them all to be visible.

I didn’t have any trouble finding them all.

I’m level 40. The last one I located wasn’t showing up either. I ran into him randomly. Now this last one is completely gone.

Did you get the two that were really close to each other in the mountains? They were almost right on top of each other.

Apparently the one in the top right keeps disappearing for people…maybe that one?

I’ve also seen that some people traveled from day to night and back and forth and it showed up.

I’ll try the waiting idea. Haven’t done that yet.

Yeah I’ve killed those two level 40’s. Pretty sure I’ve killed the one in the top right too. He showed up in the middle of a fort quest and made my life hell

I was taking screenshots for Ubisoft Support and the final Phylake appeared randomly. Im-Khent Nome where I’ve been numerous times searching.

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