About the ED_Players Group



Commanders, we now have an Elite Dangerous group on here so we can easily tag each other. Let us know you want to be added.

This is a group for people that like to play Elite Dangerous. Join the group to get notified of any E:D events or when people are looking to group up. You can also mention @ED_Players if you are looking for people to play ED with.

Protip: Clicking on the group name will provide a list of people in the group. You can see their gametags by clicking on their avatar.

XBox: @sjam613, @JohnnyHustler, @D1G1TALC1PHERS

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GRG Gaming Groups

cool …add me


Throw my name on that list.


Join us tonight.


Add me please.


@sjam613 you didn’t add me by default??

:bell: SHAME :bell:


No thanks.


In and in charge.


Thanks for the add


God help us…


NO that was to Dig


Too Nerdy for you @D1G1TALC1PHERS??


Came here thinking this was a group for players with Erectile Dysfunction.

…so never mind.


Now ED_Players just sounds like a support group when everyone plays with each others knobs to see if they can manage to get an erection.


Not knobs. Joysticks.


please add me


Added @Solitude_Expanse @ED_Players


Added @SplendidKaos