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This is a group for people that like to play The Division. Join the group to get notified of any Division events or when people are looking to group up. You can also mention @DivisionPlayers if you are looking for people to play The Division with.

Protip: Clicking on the group name will provide a list of people in the group. You can see there gamer tags by clicking on their avatar.

XBox: @Lala_Calamari
PS4 : Need a PS4 person

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GRG Gaming Groups

Could use a better XBox group leader and a PS4 group leader.


Tee it up, why don’t ya

Add me please


add me please


Done and done.


Add me please


Add me to that list.




You can add me sir


I don’t own it, so don’t add me.


add me lala. and i’m willing to help out when I can on hosting farming runs






Added @EnyoBellona @DivisionPlayers


added @MmmWargasm @DivisionPlayers


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I hate this game