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More than willing to help. Right now I’m just messing around. Only thing I try to do every week is Trials. I’ll be on tonight around 7:30 central till 1am


Got you added @KirK32




We also need people interested in just forming up fire teams. Destiny is tough to manage at a larger clan type setting with fireteams of 3 for the majority of the content. It get’s tough getting everyone in to parties, people slip by. We really need GRG to step up and help form parties. Even if we start out in one big party chat. Also, those people need to help out and get GRG Noobs into fireteams. I’m expecting to get some new recruits with RoI and I’d like to really work on retaining them.


Add me to the group, please Ready to get deep when Rise of Iron ships.


add me to the group please


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I certainly would like to join this group.


Yer in.


Go ahead and add me to this, I will be playing.


You’re in @AmuseKus


that’s what she said


@TexasReaperCrew’s mom says that to all the guys though.


Also: @Gunny 's sister

Oh shit Waddup

@ReaperMan10 I added you to this group as well.

GRG Presents: Rise of The GIMP Tournament

cool, sign me up




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