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This is a group for people that like to play Call of Duty. Join the group to get notified of Call of Duty events or when people are looking to group up. You can also mention @codplayers if you are looking for people to play COD with.

Protip: Clicking on the group name will provide a list of people in the group. You can see there gametags by clicking on their avatar.

XBox: @beers_and_leafs
PS4: (need someone to step up)

To join this group reply here or send a PM to a leader.

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add me


me too


Add me please


I give us till 2 minutes into the first match and azlin will be yelling hit markers


Where are all the CoD players???


We may be it. The last of a dying breed.


We need to push the Groups feature more as I’m sure most aren’t aware of it yet. I know the CoD players group is missing a ton of regulars.


I added myself to the group.

I also added @mnvikesfan and @HAWKLANDER as you know they’ll be playing.


I think they’re all skeptical and some are done with it.


Already pre-ordered the game


I’ve seen some videos of the newest cod… it might be ok but i’m not holding my breath have to wait an see considering how awful ghosts was.


Add me please


@anon58190329 I’m adding you to this group.


if there are some form of flash grenades I will give it a run.


There are always flash grenades you flaming troll


please add me to the group! @beers_and_leafs


Says you already are.


added @MmmWargasm @codplayers


I am requesting a position on this rooster please.