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Already ordered and pre downloaded

Early as I can !

I will be off work gave notice already for the move.


18th confirmed !!! I am off .


I got the digital copy so I’ll play the normal day of release when the DL is done.


I got digital DL but I won’t be around a lot next week/weekend. Here and there. Do my best because I really want to play


I’m getting my copy tonight around 11:00 pm central. I’ll for sure be on tomorrow evening and possibly tonight if it downloads quick enough.


could I be included, thanks


added up to this point.


Sign me up!




I’m new to GRG, but would love to get involved in this group! I’m usually on after 7:30 p.m. PST a couple nights a week. If you see me on, feel free to jump in with me!


added you to the group.




New member. Please add.



battlefield 1/overwatch xbox one player looking for a squad

A little late to the party, but sign me up




Added @Threepointpapi to the group.

@BattlefieldPlayers add him to your Friends list and get him in games.


Add me please



Over 52 members in @BattlefieldPlayers. Don’t game alone, fools!


Please to add.