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Me too


Add me to that list! Let’s hit the battlefield!


:hand_splayed: Oh Oh! Can I join!!!


nope sorry denied.


In it to win it!




Me me me. I plan on playing LOTS of BF1!!!


Assmonkey quota fulfilled.




Add me


Sign me up !!!



Anyone going to get the game early? My copy will arrive on 10/18.
If the servers work (Highly doubt it) I would like to gauge the interest of grouping together for 10/19 community night.

I will create a few events to take place the next few weeks 10/21 or 10/22 and again plan on playing the next community night 10/26, make sure you sign up.




I have the early enlisters and will be attempting to start playing on the 18th. I played a couple hours last night and am liking it so far. Servers haven’t been hammered yet, but multiplayer ran smooth last night.


I did not get early enlisters but do have EA Access so I think it will download the 21st.


At the very least, I’ll still have time left on my EA Access trial so I’ll participate in a BF1 Community Night.


I’ve picked up the early enlisters. I’ll be playing on the 18th.


Don’t have early enlisted but will be on when I can and down to group up.


I’ll wait to DL from EA access until next Tuesday, then I will be on for Wednesday.


Got the early enlister and have EA Access . Been playing the free trial a few hours already , I believe I will have the 18th off from work so I should be playing BF1.


18th for me